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STP's BLOG 07/13/12 "Bert The Conquerer"

Man today was an awesome day…I talked to a guy that is an actual inspiration to me…granted he inspires me to do silly stuff, but I appreciate it. We had the host of Trip Flip on today, Bert Kreischer. Bert is seriously one of the funniest dudes ever…and not only do I love his new show (on the Travel Channel on Thursday nights), but I loved his last show, Bert the Conquerer. In that show he would check out rollercoaster and rides across the country, as well as check out some random extreme stuff that is done nearby the park he is visiting. For instance, here he is on the Max Air at Cedar Point:

While we had Bert on, he said that when he signed on for the show…he never rode a rollercoaster, so his reactions were 100% real. Thanks to Bert doing these rides, that was why I “man’ed up” and rode a few coasters while we were in Orlando…now I am such a fan that my wife and I are hitting Disneyland and more in Anaheim next month!

On Bert the Conquerer…he also inspired me to do the Hell Run in September, as he did a similar run, I think it was called the Tough Mudder, on the show. So thank you Bert for bring out an adventurous side. Granted he’s done other stuff I won’t ever do…like fight a bear, rob a train with the Russian mob, or be a dominatrix gimp! Yes, he actually did these. I love his stories on Joe Rogan’s podcast! The crazy part is that I remember reading about Bert back when I was in college…in 1997, Rolling Stone did an article about the #1 Party Animal In The Nation…and it was Bert, due to his crazy antics while at Florida State University. This actually led to Oliver Stone buying the rights of his story to make a movie, only for that to fall apart…and eventually the idea was lifted and changed up a bit to become the movie Van Wilder! BJ brought up a great point, Bert is a party animal…loves to have fun, yet he is successful and gets his job done…when asked how he was able to do this when so many partiers cant…he said “I just stay away from the coke.” Classic!!! If you can’t tell, I am a huge Bert fan from this blog posting alone. Hopefully bert will make it to town soon to do a comedy show, as he is a comedian as well…he is in Seattle right now, to film another show for the Travel Channel called “Best Of The Road”, which will air July 25th.

A while back we joked about how the term “Beat The Producer” could have a different meaning besides being our awesome trivia game we play every morning…it has a slight “alone time” vibe to the title. I’m gonna just stay home & “Beat The Producer”. Michael was inspired by our dumb comments and drew up an amazing piece of art…check it out:


Speaking of listeners…props to Fro Blo, a buddy to the station…we love seeing him and his huge afro at events…he just got a tattoo, and check it out…way to represent bro!


So I have shared video's of Lulu in the past...but this could be the funniest video ever! She just got out of the shower, and this is how she dries up.  My wife sent me this, and I couldn't stop laughing...

Today's Video Blog features a Batman App that Vicky has, plus we check out video of Geoff Tate of Queensryche (formerly) spitting on their drummer Scott Rockenfield.  Wow!

 Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:



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07/13/2012 8:46AM
STP's BLOG 07/13/12 "Bert The Conquerer"
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