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STP's BLOG 07/15/13 "Sharks, RVD, and a HUGE mistake"

The first text I saw this morning was this:

Steve how was sharknado? Was is epic? The people want to know man.

I can only think of one word that can describe this movie.  Awesome.  That’s the best way to sum this film up…it lived up to the hype…and when I say it’s awesome, I mean that is the most awfully awesome movie of all time.  The special effects was terrible, laughable in fact, the acting wasn’t much better…but that was why the film was entertaining.  The 2 hours flew by, and actually I would have been OK if there was another hour to the film.  I hear that might be a sequel.  I had to tweet about it:
 photo sharktweet_zpsc26fa6f5.jpg
Sharknado wasn’t the only fun thing I did this weekend…on Saturday we had a family outing to Greenlake.  I love that area in the summer…and whenever I go, I always forget how big it is…
 photo 0271436F-687E-426C-873E-48CB9B2DDDE3-6371-000004D1F3064B47_zpsa508fbd9.jpg
 photo 17D63D75-CE5B-432B-A895-31D6114C7B46-6371-000004D1E0DAD6BD_zps857d58c8.jpg
Last night was the WWE Money In The Bank Pay Per View…I was able to catch the final match…where Randy Orton (unfortunately) won the briefcase…it was awesome to see Rob Van Dam in the match, and he had an awesome moment as he delivered his  5 star frog splash from the top of the ladder on Christian!

There were so many great moments in that match, Daniel Bryan was on fire as always, CM Punk was robbed of a victory thanks to his “best friend” Paul Heyman busting open his head with a ladder, and Randy Orton delived a sick RKO on RVD.  To get ready for this PPV, Lulu and I went head to head!

On Friday, San Francisco’s  Fox affiliate, KTVU was pranked in an epic way.  An anchor named Tori Campbell announced that the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) had released the names of the four pilots in the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed last week.  And the four names appeared on screen as she read them out loud.  But they weren't REALLY the pilots' names, here is the video:

The station offered multiple apologies, the NTSB blamed it on a summer intern. Yeah right…an “intern”…good cover up. Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines announced yesterday they're considering taking legal action against KTVU over this . . . for damaging their reputation.  I think Asiana Airlines has other reasons to worry about their reputation…like for instance, crashing planes.

Regardless, it was a HUGE mistake…based on this… What about you…when have you or someone you know made a HUGE mistake at work? Here are some of the texts we got:
Worked at the car wash and would give ppl deep cleans for under the table cash made good cash for a while my boss got me one day spying on me
I joked with my boss " who didn't like me" by telling him I quit on April fools day..... That next week he fired me.
When my son was graduating from 5th grade they had an awards ceremony. The teacher for the autism class was giving out her awards And had a slip of the tongue when trying to say that her student was very ARTISTIC and said he was very autistic. In front of the whole school, parents, etc. she was mortified at herself. Parents were pissed.
I put diesel gas in an unleaded work truck. Cost over $700.00 to fix and almost got fired. Oops
I asked everyone in my company for their shirt size via e-mail, but accidentally omitted the "r" from, "shirt" yikes!!! Fortunately management had a good sense of humor!
I hit a sprinkler head with forklift. Busted it off and flooded the warehouse

Today's Video Blog features Brian Posehn.  Brian has a great new comedy CD out called "The Fartist".

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:

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07/15/2013 7:14AM
STP's BLOG 07/15/13 "Sharks, RVD, and a HUGE mistake"
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