STP's BLOG 12/19/14 "Merry Christmas and all that jazz!"

Well today was our last show until the new year. Thanks to everyone that has listened this past year...without getting sappy, I know I speak for everyone when I say that you all rock...even the ones that send mean texts, troll us on Facebook, or leave awful comments...the fact that you are that passionate about the station is not lost on us!

My gift to you the new Steel Panther Christmas song. it's my second favorite christmas song to listen to!

I say it's my second favorite because nothing will ever top this song...

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STP's BLOG 12/18/14 "Fantasy Lights!"

It's that time of year…my wife and family like to check out Christmas lights…and every year we go to Spanaway for Fantast Lights…this year was the best yet. Happy 20 Year Anniversary to the people that put all the time and effort to make such a cool spectacle. Here are a couple shots I took while there!

 photo lights3_zps96e1aebb.jpg

 photo lights1_zpse8e14aba.jpg

 photo lights2_zps1e1b78b8.jpg

Although Fantasy Lights is awesome…the winner for the best lights has to be the dude from Kirkland. I haven't seen it in person, but check out this video…

There is a house in my neighborhood that I am looking forward to seeing…we visit it every year…I filmed this a couple years back.,..

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STP's BLOG 12/17/14 "My Family Feud Theory!"

Look…I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I am starting to think that the Family Feud is up to some shenanigans.

No, not that type of Shenanigans!

On Monday's episode of Family Feud, an older guy named Gene was asked to name "something that has to be licked". What was his answer? A WOMAN. Gene's wife was standing right next to him...and gave him a high-five.

If you don't recall…a few months back on Family Feud…a woman gave a pretty inappropriate answer when asked for "something you pull out."

I guess if my theory is true…it's working. Hell I am talking about it right now.
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STP's BLOG 12/16/14 "Marilyn Manson"

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I are now doing a podcast? It's Called The Mega Cast, and you can check out all 9 episodes HERE or just subscribe to our show on iTUNES or STITCHER.

This week we had an awesome guest on the show… Marilyn Manson joined us! Manson is fresh off his epic (so I hear) role on Sons Of Anarchy, and he has a new CD coming out on January 20th called "The Pale Emperor".

He has released 2 songs off the record for people to hear, and if these songs are any indication to the rest of the album…this is going to be an awesome one. I LOVE these songs… Manson sounds re-energized and ready to take over the musical world again.

The first song I heard off the record is called "The Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge", and I have listened to this song more times than I can remember…it's haunting and psychedelic with a great groove. Check it out:

Yesterday he released the first official single from the record, it's called "Deep Six", and damn…this songs gets me going! Dark and powerful…I hope you dig it as much as I do!

If you missed the interview…it's a very weird and funny chat, and you can listen to it HERE!
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STP's BLOG 12/15/14 "New Hawks Shirt!"

Awesome win for the Hawks…got a little scary at first, but thankfully they pulled it together in the second half! Keep winning fellas…2 more to go!

Here is a new way to show your favorite Hawk player some love without buying a jersey (as that could get pretty costly)! I love Hawks jerseys, but I typically only wear them during a game…but I just came across this style of a shirt on the Hawks website. A T-Shirt with the player number on the front, and name and number on the back…I showed some love for Bam Bam Kam this morning!

 photo kam_zps1c3fe0e0.jpg
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STP's BLOG 12/12/14 "WWE NXT R Evolution -- Review"

Full disclosure… this blog I completely nerd out on wrestling. If you are not a wrestling fan…enjoy this video, and don't bother reading further…unless you want even more fuel to your fire in thinking that I am an odd wrestling loving freak.

A group of amateur rocket enthusiasts in Michigan launched a PORTA-POTTY into the air on Saturday. Enjoy!

Last night I watched one of the coolest things that the WWE has put out. The WWE has a developmental program, it's kind of like their version of the minor leagues, called NXT…and last night they has a 2 hour live special called "NXT R – Evolution". Holy smokes this was amazing.

First off it marked the debut of Kevin Owens. Kevin has been the darling of the independent circuit, under the name Kevin Steen. He has been hyped for a while now, and he lived up to the hype. I ain't gonna lie…as soon as he was done with his match, I went on the WWE's website and bought his "KO" shirt. Here is the match…

So I figured that was the coolest thing I would see all night, but no…there was another relatively new wrestler that completely stile the show…with his entrance. Yes, his entrance. His name in Finn Balor, and what he did for an entrance might be the coolest thing ever. I can't even relate it to anything. Imagine if The Predator monster fronted Queen…that might be the best way to explain what he did.

In the world of wrestling…the entrance can make or break a superstar. Look at guys like Stone Cold Stevce Austin, The Undertaker, and even more recently…Bray Wyatt… their entrance is a HUGE part of their character, and what Balor did last night is going to fast track him to the WWE roster. He is a star in the making for sure! Here is the entrance…there is a good chance that it will be pulled down bny the WWE, so hopefully you can enjoy it before it does!

Finn Balor R-Evolution Entrance by irockman_8921

Every match was awesome…I mean every match. These NXT wrestlers are beyond hungry…and the future looks very bright for the WWE if these guys and gals are the next generation of WWE Superstars.

In case the video above get's pulled down...I found another version of the same video.

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STP's BLOG 12/11/14 "Best Records Of 2014"

A buddy of mine every year tags me in a fun post. He asks all of his friends that are music fans to list their favorite records of the year.

I figure in the spirit of every music site/publication putting out their list of the best of the year…here is my Top Records Of 2014!

1. The Last Internationale - "We Will Reign". Without a doubt my favorite record in a long time. The band is powerful, and her voice is incredible. It's a great release from beginning to end…if you regularly read my blog or listen to my podcast (STP-CAST), you know all about my obsession of this band. Their performance on Letterman was amazing.

Their performance on the STP-CAST will forever rank as a favorite…especially because of their acoustic performance of "Wanted Man":

2. Android Amaker. Biased pick as it's my friend's band. Imagine Johnny Cash was kidnapped by Kraftwerk and Devo. Brent Amaker, P Smoov, and Vox Mod did a great job with this concept album about living forever.

3. alt J - "This Is All Yours" -- Not as awesome as their first CD, but still a great release!

4. Royal Blood. Heavy band, catchy songs.

5. Mastodon - "Once More 'Round The Sun" -- Pure power...their best effort.

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STP's BLOG 12/10/14 "=w="

Last night our sister station 107.7 The End had their annual holiday concert, Deck The Hall Ball. What an awesome show…I went solely to see Weezer, but caught Cage The Elephant too.

I dig Cage The Elephant's CD, but would have never guessed that they would be as awesome as they were live. They definitely won over a new fan.

Weezer did not disappoint.

 photo weezer_zps9c4f40c6.jpg

I have been a fan of them for a long time, and I believe that was the 13th time I have seen them live (I have lost track)….and last night was a fun one that featured some new songs off their great new record, as well as the hits like Undone, Buddy Holly, Pork & Beans, Perfect Situation, etc. I am a sucker for their song Beverly Hill…that is a fun one!

I grabbed a quick clip of them jamming to one of my all time favorite songs… Say It Ain't So!

Man…Weezer will always bring me to a great place. The vibe at the Key was electric as they play…and I was blown away watching the huge age range of fans… kids that were probably 12 years old were jamming out…as well as people my age…and hell I saw a few people that were pushing 60 years old singing along to all of their songs.
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STP's BLOG 12/09/14 "Stop Tweeting!"

We received this text this morning, and I think it's a brilliant move by a team that hasn't made a lot of brilliant moves over the last few years:

The Redskins coach reads embarrassing tweets at team meetings to prevent such things in the future.

Why was this texted to us? All because of a ridiculous story we talked about this morning. Have you heard of a player on the Detroit Lions by the name of Joseph Fauria? He's making news for his hilarious end zone celebration where he twerked…

But he is making even bigger news for a Tweet that he posted and quickly deleted. The Tweet was pointed at his girlfriend, former WWE NXT Diva Erika Hammond, and Russell Wilson. It said:

Hey @DangeRussWilson enjoy her @ErikaAnnHammond . She had me thinking she was a loyal GF. I almost feel you @BrennanClay24 #SprayTan

The Brennan Clay mention was in reference to his Twitter drama where he accused his former teammate DeMarco Murray of having relations with his wife (Spray Tan is apparently the name that DeMarco was listed in her phone – which is too funny if you ask me).

Yes…all of this is all playing out on Social Media.

So after Big Joe posted that Tweet about Russell Wilson and her…

Wow. Oh sorry…let me get back on track. Joe tweeted this:

I apologize for what I said last night. I make mistakes. I didn't have all the facts & emotions got the best of me.

Then things get rather juicy… if you recall, there were rumors that current Lion (Joe's teammate) and former Hawk Golden Tate once had an affair with Wilson's ex-wife back when they were still married. Tate has denied that over and over, but of course the trolls on Twitter looped him to this…like this Tweet from someone named Kristi:

Kristi (@KjaxandOllie) : @BigJoeFauria @ShowtimeTate must be sliding you some crappy info. I wonder what happened with him and #Ashton ??

Tate replied to her, and he had an interesting comment along with his reply…

@KjaxandOllie any1 with a functioning brain knows mine is a rumor however a bit hypocritical that he is now doing what I was accused of

Again…this is all happening on Twitter. Which brings me back to that text we got:

The Redskins coach reads embarrassing tweets at team meetings to prevent such things in the future.
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STP's BLOG 12/08/14 "Steve Mariucci Rules!"

HUGE Win by the Hawks!

That was a stressful but awesome game to watch! I should have known that we were going to win though.


Because the NFL Network's Steve Mariucci said so…and the reason why I take his word more seriously than any other analyst… Steve predicted it while riding Taima the Seahawk!!

That is without a doubt the greatest thing I have seen on the NFL Network!
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STP's BLOG 12/03/14 "Daltry Rules!"

This is beyond cool. I have always thought it would be fun to do one of those Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camps so that I could experience sharing a stage and jamming with a rock star…but this video I came across takes that to a whole new level!

Imagine playing at a wedding, and Roger Daltry from The Who crashes the wedding and then wants to perform with you? This happened…apparently the band does not play songs by The Who, but props to them as they were clearly fans of the band to the point that they could figure out a song to play. Roger get's many "coolness" points for this!

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STP's BLOG 12/01/14 "Foo Fighters at The Showbox!"

Ok…this will anger many due to pure jealousy, but I was one of the lucky ones that got to go to a surprise..or secret…or private…ok I'm not exactly sure what to call it, but the Foo Fighters played the Showbox (at the Market) on Friday night and I was there.

 photo foo1_zps36bdb26b.jpg

I love this pic when they first took the stage…the sea of camera phones grabbing a pic…

 photo foo7_zps15a831b3.jpg


 photo foo8_zpsbfb6b73f.jpg

Just wow.

 photo foo6_zpsa59813dd.jpg

Did I say wow?

 photo foo2_zps847c6e28.jpg

This show was one that I will never forget…around 1000 people getting to see the Foo's rock out for 3 hours, yes THREE HOURS, playing all their hits, as well as a bunch of super old songs…and they even did a bunch of covers.

 photo foo4_zps1b3bf052.jpg

They kicked things off with an "oldie", Winnebago and then went right into one of my favorite songs from their new CD – The Feast And The Famine. Hell…here is the set list so you can see what they played…

 photo fooa_zps146d6411.jpg

The set list doesn't include the covers, as it was completely impromptu…at one point Dave said…do you want the 2 ½ hour Foo Fighters set…or the 3 hour set? The crowd obviously demanded the 3 hour set…and then we were treated to these songs:

Miss You (Rolling Stones)
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love (Van Halen)
Breakdown (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)
Stiff Competition (Cheap Trick) – this was my favorite of the covers, as Dave got behind the drums and Taylor sang…it was a blast watching Dave behind the kit!

During the covers…a tipsy Butch Vig walked up on stage (Butch produced the record… if you don't know him…hell...he produced Nirvana's "Nevermind" after all, plus he is the drummer of the band Garbage), and chastised Dave and the band for not playing the new song Subterranean. This is the song off the new CD that is based on their visit to Seattle. If you aren't watching Sonic Highways, the basic prem,ise of the show (and their new record) is that the band travels to different cities and gets immersed in the musical culture…the Seattle episode aired last Friday, and featured that song as the end result. The band wound up playing it, and it sounded great.

 photo foo5_zps88aaf2d4.jpg

The main highlight for me was how many of the older songs that they played…it was cool topo hear Dave talk about how he wrote these songs in Seattle, and many were recorded at Robert lang Studios here in Seattle. Hell…he even dedicated Big Me to Robert!

I loved that they played This Is A Call, I'll Stick Around, For All The Cows…as well as Hey, Johnny Park!, My Hero, All My Life…and I was so stoked that they even played White Limo – a song off "Wasting Light" – I love the way Dave screams on that song!

 photo foo3_zps5d4bd2f2.jpg

Our concert Photographer, Iron Mike Savoia, put together an awesome video from the show… enjoy!

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