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STP's BLOG 07/16/12 "Slash!"

Friday night was an amazing night of music! Slash played at the Showbox SoDo…and he was awesome…his band with Myles Kennedy sounded great. Not only did they play songs from Slash’s solo stuff…but they played a bunch of Gun’s N Roses songs like Sweet Child Of Mine, Out To Get Me, Mr. Brownstone, and during the encore…Duff McKagan came out and they played It’s So Easy, and Paradise City…check it out:

The rock stars were in attendance too…I got to talk to Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains for a minute, and I saw Michael Wilton of Queensryche there, and I think I saw ben from Soundgarden there. The moral of the story…Slash brings all the boys to the yard!

Jerry Brewer from the Seattle Times recently wrote an article about how Seattle badly needs a sports superstar again. Jerry writes:

Quick, name a sports superstar residing on a Seattle team. Ichi ... oh, no. Heck no. Not anymore. Just stop. Felix Hernandez? Certainly, the 2010 Cy Young Award winner is among baseball's best pitchers, But with a 33-31 record the past three years and an irrelevant team holding him down, it's hard to call him a superstar.

Marshawn Lynch? Dynamic local star, but he lacks the far-reaching appeal.
From the rise of Ken Griffey Jr. through the best of Ichiro, Seattle experienced a remarkable run of superstars. Not surprisingly, all of its teams enjoyed successful periods, too. But the cyclical nature of sports dictated that it would have to end. There's no doubt Seattle is in a transition period.

Think of some of the star power that came through here from 1990 to 2010: Griffey, Ichiro, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Walter Jones.
Based on the article in the Seattle Times about how Seattle badly needs a sports superstar again… Whether it be an athlete or any other public figure…Who is…or was…Seattle’s “Super Star”?

For me the kid from enumclaw running napcar/nascar. Kasey kahne

Steve Largent. The greatest reciever to ever play the game. Rob in Lacey.

A-Rod, we were supposed to get married but he went away to texas. After that jerk went to the yankees we quit talking.

Are you kidding me. King5's JESSE JONES!!!! Dave at murrey's. What's up Steve!
I would say Duff McKagan. Member of one of the greatest rock bands ever, wrote a brilliant autobiography, now he is clean, healthy, still rocks, and works hard to improve his city. Simply, Duff is the man. –Bjorn

Mary k laturno is my hero from jack ass in Enumclaw

Kasey Keller! Kelly in Bremerton ;)

Lucy and STP!

Sir mix a lot was everywhere for awhile. He rapped about cruising Seattle and mentioned many land marks all all around the city. Buying gold,picking up girls and fun stuff. Not like gangsta rap shooting cops and such derogatory things.

Seattle has a fine Superstar.. Steve The Producer.. Enough said

Who's the radio talk guy republican from mt Vernon (Glen Beck)

Hope Solo

DB Cooper

This is for STP... Aberdeen's own Daniel Bryan!!! Hahahaha ;-) ~Theresa from Lynnwood

Speaking of Wrestling…Huge thanks to The Chef, a local wrestler who I chatted with at my Car Toys even on Saturday in Silverdale…he rocked this during his SCW wrestling event in Poulsbo on Saturday night!


Speaking of that wrestling event… how about yours truly got a shoutout by Diafullah Dobashi, AIWF Northwest Champ during his promo on Saturday…this is awesome, it happens towards the end:

On Friday, BJ admitted that he has a playlist on his iPOD for when him and his wife are getting's called BJ's Boom Boom, and we played a song on the playlist called Voulez-Vous by Arling & Cameron:

Based on the fact that BJ has a Boom Boom playlist on his iPOD…what song or artist do you play to get in the mood? Here are the texts we got:

My wife gets hot and ready for action when she listens to Godsmack especially their song Voodoo, everytime she hears it I know I'm getting some, every time

I like crackin a beer and puttin on some skynard during sexy time. Benefits of bein on bottom!

Rammstein or nightwish for boom boom time Bj rules

We have our morning "boom boom" to the bj experience :-)

Type o negative

Ill give my boyfriend a lapdance to the song swing by savage. Its the song that plays at the club on knocked up. ;-) mandi kay

To get in the mood "sex on fire" kings of Leon...rockn java in Kirkland

Closer by nine inch nails. On repeat.

My wife and I have a strobe light in our bedroom and we listen to Closer from NIN and anything Rob Zombie!! The sex is wild!!

I play Stairway to Heaven. I never make it past the intro.

Today's video blog features us checking out the Rock Girls in bikini's, and we have a couple visitors that brought cup cakes!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/16/2012 8:41AM
STP's BLOG 07/16/12 "Slash!"
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07/16/2012 11:15PM
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as for the wrestling saturday night in Poulsbo, it was a sad affair saying goodbye to a local fixture, not only to SCW wrestling but also the Kitsap Demolition Derby...she will be missed.
07/18/2012 1:46AM
Fans Read
I love this blog!! P.S...Diafullah Dobashi is the man!!!!!!!!
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