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STP's BLOG 07/16/13 "Can I Influence You?"

If you listen to the STP-CAST, you heard about my silly, self-serving goal….to become on the Most Influential Seattleites.  I saw Seattle Magazine tweet about this, and I thought it would be the most ridiculously funny thing if I wound up being one of the people to make the list…plus, by doing so this would confirm that I am influential…I influenced people to consider me to be influential.  How about that for some trippy circular insanity! Lets make this happen…I should be on the list with…uh…Bill Gates, Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer…right?  Go to this link to help make it happen!

In case you need help…

Full Name:  Steve The Producer.
Website to find the person: or
For my fellow metal fans…you will dig this!  I am super lucky to have the very talented Sylvie Marsolais paint my goalie mask…I can’t wait to see what she does, but I just saw her most recent paint job, and I know Toppy will love this Maiden themed Mask:
 photo 682C665C-7835-4D03-8C3D-7ACEB9E9F19A-8121-000005EC95D9B675_zps662504a4.jpg
Check out her Stuff on Facebook (search Sylabrush) or online at … her work is so cool.  This mask was the one that sold me on wanting her to do my mask:
 photo mask_zps721a2a57.jpg
This mask is really sweet too…
 photo mask2_zpse15b9651.jpg

Yesterday we had Robert and Dean from Stone Temple Pilots on the show, and they shared a story about the first time Chester was at Robert’s house to write songs…and he clogged the toilet! How awkward is that?  But I’m thinking this could make for a great item to sell at their shows…the STP…Stone Temple Plunger!

 photo plunger_zpsc402a0a8.jpg

Check out the full interview here:

Based on this, finish this sentence:  “Things got awkward when I did _____.”  

Things got awkward when I first lost my virginity and her daughter walked in

When my super drunk aunt started stripping, taking off allllll her clothes at a FAMILY REUNION!!!!

Things got awkward when i mistook a random guy for my best friend and i hugged him from behind. Freaked the crap out of the guy

I farted in yoga class

I was taking a shower at my friends house in high school & her dad had to come in & take a dump because they only had 1 working bathroom. AWKWARD!

Hey bj, There was a really awkward moment when I I was having sex with the girl I was dating and in the middle of sex her father interrupts us because she just got a delivery of flowers from her ex boyfriend and a love note.

Got caught spanking the monkey by my moms super hot friend she never said a thing to just smiled a left. It also taught me a good lesson lock the door

Things got awkward when my girlfriend walks in on me and her mom doing the deed..good thing she was okay with it

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with Brian Posehn.  Brian's new CD, "The Fartist", is in stores now. 

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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07/16/2013 7:16AM
STP's BLOG 07/16/13 "Can I Influence You?"
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