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STP's BLOG 07/17/13 "Twerking"

Have you heard of the latest dance sensation…Twerking?  BJ didn’t…so I had to show him!

If you You Tube search “Lady – Twerk”, you can see how it’s really done!
Have you heard the new Avenged Sevenfold song, “Hail To The King”?  Man, this song is my jam!  I love this song so much I listened to it 6 or 7 times yesterday.  Check it out, their new CD also called “Hail To The King” is out on August 27th. 

On the STP-Cast we interviewed bassist Johnny Christ, and I told him that the breakdown towards the end of the song made me want to “crotch thrust”, and I suggested that he does that while on stage at Pain In The Grass.  Hell…a few texters agreed with me:
Crotch thrusting in the car on my way to work. STP truly is motivational.

I could so crotch thrust to this

I love this comment about the song…
Hey Steve, the chorus of this song should be King Felix's intro song when he comes out. Chris.
Check out the interview in the STP-Cast...
Speaking of the STP-CAST, I mentioned to BJ how we have a goal to make me one of Seattle Magazine’s “Most Influential Seattleite” – how can you help the cause?    Go to this link to help make it happen! We have until Friday to get the nomination in!
 In case you need help…
Full Name:  Steve The Producer.
Website to find the person: or
While interviewing Johnny from A7X, he mentioned that one time while on the road he drank wine through a prosthetic leg!  That’s a crazy story on the road, so we asked for the Rock-A-Holics to share some of their crazy stories that happened while on the road…here are some of the texts:
I was on road trip in Utah stopped at a KOA for a few days while there I got stepped on by a horse and it ripped my toe nail off. I was 13
The craziest thing I have ever seen on a road trip was a homeless guy asked a friend and I if we wanted to see something funny. So we said yes and he dropped his pants and #2’s over the side of the overpass right on the hood of a car.
Driving cross country we were following a huge motorhome with a hugr window in the back si you could see their tv. They where watching a porn and 3 people where trying to act it out. All i could do to keep my car on the road
On our way to reno my wife decided road-“h” wasn't enough so she climbed on my lap while doing 70 down I-5 at 1AM.
Buddy and i drove through Steven pass in white out conditions doin 60 w/chains on. We heard the chains breaking and flinging off. Had one left at the bottom.

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07/17/2013 7:48AM
STP's BLOG 07/17/13 "Twerking"
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