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STP's BLOG 07/18/12 "Batman!!!"

So we got to see this movie yesterday afternoon…

We were one of the lucky ones that got to watch The Dark Knight Rioses at the iMAX in the Pacific Science Center. Here is my review of the film:


Ok ok ok…here is a more detailed review:


Fine fine fine…I know a lot of people are excited for this film, and I would be shocked if you are disappointed by this movie. First off…see this on an iMAX screen if you can, I know a lot of them are sold out this weekend…I did hear that there are tix available for the 6:30 am screening at the Science Center…so if you work strange hours, go have some popcorn for breakfast and check it out. There are a bunch of scenes that were filmed for the big iMAX screen, and it’s visually stunning. The story is great, the acting is top knotch…some really powerful scenes between Alfred and Bruce Wayne, the action is beyond entertaining. I would say this is hands down my favorite of the 3 Christian Bale Batman movies. It’s nearly 3 hours, and it flies by…one of those edge of your seat kind of films. I can’t wait to see it again, and take my wife with me! The only negative…it inspired BJ to talk in his whispered “I’m Batman” voice for the entire ride home, ha! The big debate I had with the guys before this film came out was that I wasn’t excited that Anne Hathaway was going to be Catwoman…I just couldn’t picture her in that role, and I am willing to eat my words on that, as Anne was AWESOME as Catwoman…she played the part purrfectly…Waka Waka! Oh wow…did I really write that…I am such a cheeseball…I apologize!

A survey by, which is a dating and lifestyle website, asked people what makes people of the opposite sex irresistible. Surprisingly, both men and women agreed that physical appearance WASN'T the most important thing. Sense of humor was voted the quality that makes people irresistible. Self-confidence was the next most important. That doesn't mean that women completely IGNORE physical features on guys. Here are the three features that women said were most important to them when checking out a guy.

1. 40% of women said the EYES were most important.
2. 20% said a guy's LIPS or SMILE.
3. And a guy's HAIR is the top feature for 12% of women.

So we had to open up the lines to calls and texts and ask…what attracts you to somebody? It could be looks or anything…what is it? Here are the texts:

So im attracted to legs especially if they are in high heels

Face, ass, boobs that order....oh and maybe personality

A nice juicy ass. I like something to grab on to. Thats what i love about my lady. Just go look at her rock girl bikini pics. Its Amanda...very tasty!

Big masculine hands - no girly hands!

Intelligence!!! If you can't text a full sentence with actual word don't want to talk to them. Bald heads, nice teeth and good breath help too.

A girl with dark hair and lots of tattoos, like kat von d from LA ink

It use to be looks (ie bad boy type/tatts) but now I know if im attracted to u.....u have issues ( no job, drugs,warrents) lol- Jamie

if it is a complete stranger i look at posture and how they walk. i think it says a lot about someone. Rock on!

no Adams apple.

Last week we played this audio of Robert Blake when he was on "Piers Morgan Tonight" … He got upset with Piers a few times over questions about the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. He told Piers at one point that his wife's murder wasn't a significant moment in his life. He said that when he found an audience at the age of 2 was more significant…we are assuming it’s a relate to him being on the Little Rascals. I thought that was crazy, palling around with Alfalfa & Buckwheat was more significant than the murder of his wife! This led to a good chat about what is significant…should it be negative or positive, etc. What about you? What is the most significant moment in your life? Here are the texts we received:

When my husband was 15 he was blown up with 5 gal. Of gas.lost his face.had plastic surgery and u can even tell besides his surgery scars point.he uses this experience in daily life. Helping me through pain like childbearing.our son had an accident he was able to use his experience to help him.he turned a bad experience into something good by useing it to his be understanding and helpful.he didnt let it trumatise him he let it help him help others.

Top of the significant list : Going to my dads funeral as an inmate of Washington state womens prison. Been clean 8 years now:)

Most significant moment of my life has been getting off drugs and rejoining Superfekta ~K-ris Cort Drugs are bad m'kay! GG dummy;p <3 u STP

I have 2: Meeting my husband and publishing my first novel!

Saved five lives,including myself and my commanding officer while deployed at iraq.
Seeing my mom treated poorly by the men in her life, taught me how not to a woman
The moment when toppy told me that my mustache looked cute

The moment when i sold mono nick a bag of dried parsley and told him it was weed
Meeting my husband in junior high. And knowing I was going to marry him one day. Even if it took 8 years of stalking. It happened.

Graduating from Marine Corps boot camp and earning the title of Marine

Losing control of a car at 180 mph was significant in my life. Stopped my need for speed real quick.

Today's Video blog is an Intern Challenge...Our intern Craig has 60 seconds to find a random person to yell at him, saying, quote,"You are the worst intern ever." There was controversey surrounding this challenge, as to whether or not he really got someone to yell at him...after we voted, it was considered a fail. What do you think?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/18/2012 8:12AM
STP's BLOG 07/18/12 "Batman!!!"
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