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STP's BLOG 07/18/13 "The New Originals return!"

Last night the New Originals, the world’s worst cover band (KISW house band), got together to practice for a benefit show we are playing at on Sunday at Chop Suey.  It’s an early show…doors open at 3 pm – hope to see you there!  While we were practicing, Jolene had us on her show to promote the benefit…which is for tattoo artist Keith Bailey who got into a bad accident and has ridiculous medical bills.  How did the interview go?  I can sum it up in 6 seconds….

I hope we see you this Sunday…come hang with me, Thee Ted Smith, Thrill, Ryan Castle, Ben The Psycho Muppet, and Jolene…we will all be there!  Get tickets here:
This made my morning…one of my favorite music websites , tweeted about the STP-CAST and our interview with Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold.  Seeing this made my morning!
 photo 8040F8A8-246D-4A6B-BD98-BF95BB7127E5-10846-000007ED1FB0FC31_zps2a0116c8.jpg
According to a new survey, SCOTCH is the manliest thing you can drink! Nothing else is even close -- Scotch got 53% of the vote, beer came in second, at 23%, bourbon was third at 20%, and martinis were fourth, at 4%.  George Thorogood must be the manliest man ever – after all he sane, “one bourbon, one scotch, one beer” not “One Red headed slut, one lemon drop, and one Zima”.  That dated me huh?  They don’t even sell Zima anymore right?  Imagine alcohol infused Sprite…that’s Zima.

This led to a fun topic…what do you do that makes you manly?  Or for the ladies…what is the manliest thing your man does?  Here are some of the texts:

I pump concrete I have never seen a woman pump concrete I feel like that's pretty manly from Josh in Buckley

the manliest thing my man does is spank me when I am bad :)

I dirt bike and don't wine about it. Going fast, getting bruised up is all part of it. Too many of my guy friends are big v's when it comes to going fast getting muddy or hurting. Man up. JonReilly30

Manliest thing cooking meat over fire

I'm a bartender and there used to be a regular who would order what he called the terminator. Equal parts Southern Comfort, Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. He could put away four or five a night!

The manliest thing my husband does is he shaves with a straight edge blade!
Rides a motorcycle with a leather vest...and most importantly, takes care of his wife and kids!!!! Christine in Tacoma

I once found my husband removing a splinter in his finger with a hunting knife. Too manly for tweezers.

Just saw the hottest women I have seen in a long time pumping concrete in whidbey island it was grate made that day on the job go fast

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07/18/2013 8:29AM
STP's BLOG 07/18/13 "The New Originals return!"
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