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STP's BLOG 07/19/13 "Malicious Fecal... What?"

Huge Huge Huge thanks to Kevin, Peter, and Sean from Candlebox for coming in. They are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their debut CD…playing it in its entirety at The Moore Theater tomorerow night.  Get tickets at .  They performed 2 songs…we filmed it and it will be up next week…all I can say is WOW.  This was one of those goose bump moments.

Here are a couple Vine vids I took to wet your whistle…


The response to having them on was HUGE…here are just a few of the many many MANY texts we got:
My head phones are blown an that still sounded amazing

Chills man, chills.

I just got goosebumps listening to the beginning of this song. It took me back to Rockstock 94 in the rain at the Kitsap County fairgrounds with Candlebox

that was totally moving and amazing this coming from someone who absolutely hates live music
Far Behind never sounded better.

What great voice, what a great band, what a great radio station, what a great program.

Far behind and the thank you Seattle brought tears to my eyes!!!

This is the best in-studio performance I've ever heard!!

Awesome!!! Far behind bringing tears to my eyes! Great version! !! –Jessica

His voice hasn't aged at all !

GOOSEBUMPS!!!! Hearing Cover Me live in studio all these years later is awesome! Thanks guys! -Amber, Capitol Hill

I'm tearing up dood. F'ing chills. You're one lucky sob steve

I think Kevin's voice has gotten better with the times. Love it.

Today I learned an awesome new phrase. 

“Malicious Fecal Distribution”

That should be on the Rev’s business card…waka waka.  Where did this phrase come from?  This guy….

Yesterday was New Originals practice…don’t forget that we will be at Chop Suey on Sunday afternoon!  It’s a benefit show that starts at 3 pm, we go on at 6 pm.  Come hange with me, Thee Ted Smith, Jolene, Ryan Castle, Thrill, and more!  Here we are getting ready for the big show!

Twenty-four years ago, a man in Indiana named Rick Lookebill had to sell the first car he ever owned . . . a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  Rick never forgave himself for it, because he's been trying to track it down ever since.  Recently, he stepped up his efforts but still had no luck.  What Rick didn't know was that his son had already FOUND the car in Florida, told the story to the guy who owned it, and bought it back.  He then he drove it from Florida to Indiana . . . and surprised his dad by parking it in the front yard and revving the engine.  Apparently the whole family was in on it, because they had the camera ready to catch his reaction . . .

I love that they peeled out!

Based on this story...finish this sentence:  "I wish I still had my parent's _____".  Here are some of the texts we got:
I moved here from up state NY years ago with only what I could fit in my jeep. My girlfriend surprised me about a month ago by shipping my custom motorcycle that my dad built for me in college. Should be here next week. I can't wait. Nick in Seattle.
I wish I still had my parents porn tape. It was hardcore, stole it from my dads dresser drawer when I was 14. Gene
My dad's 1963 Plymouth Fury. I plan on rebuilding one for him. Just gonna take awhile. -Heath in Poulsbo
I wish I had my dads 1967 Chevelle super sport. It was built for drag racing. He says it never lost. Had to sell it to pay for the family van repairs when mom wrecked the van
I wish I had my dads old prostetic leg.... We would chug beer out of it at my frat house and it went missing. It must have walked off!

07/19/2013 6:46AM
STP's BLOG 07/19/13 "Malicious Fecal... What?"
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