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STP's BLOG 07/22/13 "BJ on The 206"

Did you catch BJ on The 206 this weekend?  If not...check it out...

So over the weekend Paul McCartney performed at Safeco Field...and it turned into a Nirvana reunion of sorts when Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear joined him on stage.  Our bud Iron Mike Savoia fortunately pulled out his camera to capture this historic moment...

The Nirvana appearance wasn’t the only cool Seattle related thing that happened at a baseball stadium.  Pearl Jam played two new songs during a show at Wrigley Field on Friday night.  One was called "Lightning Bolt" . . . it's the title track off their new album, which is coming out October 15th.  Oddly enough, the concert was interrupted seven songs in, when a thunderstorm with torrential rain and lightning rolled in.  It resumed after a three-hour delay.  Even though it was delayed, the fellas in PJ did not disappoint…they played  a 33-song show, and it  went on until well after midnight.  Here's video of them performing "Lightning Bolt" . . .

Here's the other new song they played…"Future Days"

On Thursday morning, a 40-year-old was showering and listening to the radio when his roommate committed the ultimate sin…he touched the radio dial and changed the station.  The 40-year-old went after him with a machete, and he was eventually arrested.

Based on this we asked you to finish this sentence… “I knew my roommate was crazy when he or she did _____.” Here are some of the texts we got:

Came home early one night to find my roommate getting railed by three do the math. ON MY BED!!

Stole my identy when i moved out. He lied to police and judge but proved he was nuts when all his purchases were made within two mile radius of his gf house. Same guy acted like me when people called on phone looking for me

When my roommate let her boyfriend dry his meth on the stove top

Hung a Backstreet Boys poster on our dorm wall. Wait, that was me.

I realized my roommate was crazy when I woke up and saw him standing over me while I was sleeping at 2 o'clock in the morning. and yes drugs were involved

I knew my roommate was crazy when he brought home his dog Lulu and Fed her peanut butter

I realized my roommate was crazy when I woke up and saw Gatorade bottles of full of urine every night. He bottled his own pee on the regular. Austin in Port Orchard

Huge thanks to Simon Pegg Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright for coming in this morning…it’s always awesome to have these guys on!
 photo 368A72A6-266C-4D4F-AA5C-AD3028AD1A10-17900-00000C5C457DC020_zpsb3adbbb0.jpg
They have a new movie out called “The World’s End” – which is in theaters on August 23rd.  We got to see this movie, and we all LOVED it…I like it the most of the three…the other 2 being Shaun Of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.  Here is the trailer for the film!


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07/22/2013 4:47AM
STP's BLOG 07/22/13 "BJ on The 206"
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