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STP's BLOG 07/23/12 "RIP JP"

Man what a rough weekend…all these reports about the shooter ion Colorodo couldn’t be more depressing. I had to stop reading about it…the coverage was just disgusting. Even worse…people that were tweeting about it, and putting a hash tag to it. A hash tag? You really had to make sure your comment would be trending? Give me a break. You are a #MORON.

Then we get more bad news on a local level. JP Patches…a man that many people grew up watching on KIRO 7 as a kid, passed away at the age of 84. He has battled a form of a blood cancer for the last 6 years, and even though he is no longer with us…Chris Wedes will forever live in the hearts of the many “Patches Pals” out there. I love this clip, this is when JP Patches “sabotaged” Harry Waplers weather report:

JP patches was a huge part of people’s childhood…so we asked the Rock-A-Holics, whether it be JP Patches or anything else…what brings you back to your childhood? Also…what was it about JP that made you a fan? Here are the texts we received:

Willie Whistle in Boston :)

I'm 36 yrs old....without a doubt the little rascals and Popeye!!!

Dave Niehauss. His voice made me 8 years old again, cheering for Mr Mariner Alvin Davis. Even during the worst season, Dave's voice made you care. –Bjorn

I met him when I was a little girl. I am now 40, I loved him. I honestly don't know what it was about that show that had me so enthralled but I was never more excited when I met him at Seattle center other than the sesame street ice capades and again I was only about 4 or 5.

while doing construction at sunset elementary in tacoma, I found an original jp patches autograph on a sheetrock wall dated 1977. I cut it out and it is now in my china hutch. b t p bob from Puyallup

Thank u guys for taking time today for JP! I'm 43 and a Seattle native..I love JP! I think he's so beloved here because he was always so accessible...he would have local kids on the show and always about in the community and schools so he was much more real to us than other kids shows! Ur biggest fan..Tamra w.sea!! <3

1979 at the end of the show on my birthday, JP Patches looked onto the camera and said my name and wished me a happy birthday. For a 6 yr old it was magic-Jayson

My best taking to childhood activity is playing on the swings. I love the wind washing my troubles away. The freelessness of it all

I got this email from Brandy, and if any of you Rock-A-Holics can help out…that would be great.

On Thursday my cousin, Stacy Ankerfelt, was hit by a car and is in critical condition at harbor view. She is an amazing person and there's a fundraiser to help pay her medical bills and any other bills that may occur. I was hoping you could quickly mention the website on your show. Also, here's a link to the story.

The website Buzzfeed, a social media and pop culture site, has assembled a list here of weird things that EVERYONE does. Basically, it's stuff you probably do all the time. You just never talk about it. Here are some of the things that made the list…I think I do all of them:

1. You Keep Singing Along to a Song After You Leave the Room. Then when you come back, you see if you're still in sync with it.
2. When You're Writing the Word "Wednesday," You Sound It Out in Your Head as "Wed-Nes-Day."
3. You Write the Wrong Date on a Check So You Look More Responsible.
4. You're Cooking Something, and You Throw Away the Package Too Soon. So you have to dig it out of the trash to look at the directions again.
5. Your Cell Phone Is Covered in Smudges. So you wipe the screen with your thumb until all the smudge marks are going in the same direction.
6. You Make a Mistake While You're Entering Your Password on a Website. But instead of using the backspace key, you delete the whole thing and start over.
7. You Hate the Sound of Your Microwave Beeping. So you always stop it when there's one second left.
8. Having fictional arguments in your head.
9. Forgeting the names of everyone you just met immediately.
10. Cleaning your hands with the condensation from a glass of water.

Based on this list of the 10 Weird Things We All Do but Never Talk About…finish this sentence: “People think I’m weird when they see me do _____?” Here are the texts:

I take a Crap. Then i look at it. Its amazing

Eat peanuts in the shell.

people think im weird when they see me dip frenchfries in icecream ~heather

Jim, seattle. People think I'm weird because whenever I make accidental eye contact with somebody on the street, I smile and nod instead of quickly looking away

People think I'm wierd when then see me openly carry(holstered on my belt) my 45 caliber handgun. Washington is an Open Carry legal state. –Sauce

My bf thinks its weird that I put lemon in my water, but don't like lemonade and I don't put lemon in my iced tea. Also, I don't Like gravy on my mashed potatoes, but love biscuits and gravy

I will mouth the words to a sentence I've already spoken

People think I'm weird because I eat meals one item at a time. I will finish my steak before I eat potatoes and I finish all the food before I have my beverage. –Bjorn

People think it is wierd just because I wear Daisy Dukes and weigh 347 pounds and am a dude. Kirk

I eat the skin off chicken nuggets before I eat the meat. Been doing it since I was a kid and can't break the habit

I will eat everything on my plate separately.. Such as if i have vegies, potatoes, and fish .. I will typically eat my vegies then move onto the fish and finish with the potatoes. My friends make fun of me because i dont eat everything at once. – Christina

BJ people think Im weird when I put potato chips on my PBJ sandwich or french fries on my McDonalds cheeseburger with tonnes of ketchup

dip my tator tots in strawberry applesauce.

I always get my right and left mixed up. So when someone tells me a direction i hold up my right hand and pretend i am writing since i am right handed. U think it would b easier for me now that i'm 45 but its not

Today's video blog features a gift that Toppy got me over the weekend!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/23/2012 7:49AM
STP's BLOG 07/23/12 "RIP JP"
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