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STP's BLOG 07/24/12 "Ichiro!"

Yesterday, the Seattle Mariners shocked their fans when they announced that they traded star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki to the New York Yankees. The Yankees also received cash in the deal that sent right-handers D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar to the Mariners. Ichiro spent his entire Major league career with Seattle. He is a10-time All-Star and 10-time Gold Glove winner, Suzuki was the AL MVP and rookie of the year in 2001 after a stellar career in Japan, and the Mariners reached the AL championship series that season before losing to the Yankees. Seattle has not been back to the playoffs since then.

This is a big deal here in the NW, as a huge part of Seattle sports history is leaving us…Ichiro was loved by all…hell, even Ben Gibbard

Not to be out done by Ben Gibbard…our very own Mono-Nick wrote a song about Ichiro…it’s titled “Ichiro Has Got To Go.” Check it out:

A historic moment in Seattle happened yesterday as Ichiro was traded yesterday to the New York Yankee, based on this…whether it be in the world of sports or anything else…what do you consider to be a defining moment is Seattle history? Here are the texts we received:

Lynches infamous touch down against the saints

The grand opening of the EMP. Yes, the building looks silly, but as a musician I never get tired of seeing the artifacts there, especially the Hendrix ad Nirvana stuff. –Bjorn

When the Kingdome was knocked down in preparation for Safeco Field.

For sports: definitely when the kingdom was taken down. Non sports : WTO riots

The Seahawks making it to the superbowl.

Refuse to loose season for the m's

When the super sonics left

The rise of grunge, which finally made it cool to live in seattle.

When Wrestlemania was in Seattle! I know your with me Steve!

WTO riots in '99. I still remember the stories from my dorm roommate who described being shot by rubber bullets. He was a bit of a dummie already though. –the DV

When the Rainier beer R was removed from the brewery.

I think the news of kurt Cobain death was/is significant for seattle. Anyways I wish the best for ichiro regardless of where you play im still a big fan

The passing of Dave Niehaus.

The rise of #BLD.... Lakewoooood Larry....

Forget the sports. Microsoft going public affected and defined the outer sound area more than any sports moment.

ken pinion livin it up from jackass in enumclaw

Most defining moment is the STP CAST becoming #4 in western Washington podcast... Red

Mardi Gras 01

Sally Ride, the first American woman in orbit, died yesterday at her home in San Diego at the age 61 due to pancreatic cancer. Before Sally, Space used to be a man's world. The fact that Sally “rode” (waka waka) to space was groundbreaking at the time because space travel was a thing for men not women…based on this, finish this sentence: “Because of who I am…people are shocked when they find out I do or have done ______.”

People r shocked that I have a super hot wife.. Ain't that right toppy.. Red

I'm a gamer/nerd. I play Magic, D&D, WoW, and many other games. However, I also love to go snowboarding.

people who dont know of my past cant believe i spent 10 years doing pills and heroin. I dont look like a junkie I guess? I am clean almost 2 years. ~K-ris Cort

I was in the Marine Corps Infantry with multiple combat deployments. I never did a hooker, asian, or midget and never got a tattoo.

Im a mormon choir kid and I smoke pot

My wife and i are 27 and 28 years old. Because of our age people are amazed to find out that we have a retirement plan already. We have a financial advisor, 401ks, ira's, and life insurance with mutual funds. We should hopefully be retired at age 50.

Because I am a female and only 19 people are shocked when I say i was the first female in Tacoma wa to win a match at state and was the highest placing female my freshman year of high school for wrestling

Im a tall blonde, quiet natured bookkeeper. People are always surprised when I show up on my bike dressed in black leather.

being an ex security and roadie for bands. people freak out when i mention i was a male cheerleader for a season in school. got talked smack but i always countered i could put my hands on their bodies and they smiled and thanked me. Cajun

When people find out I'm Steve's dog Lulu, they are shocked that I'm not covered in peanut butter all the time

Im generally pretty quiet and sweet, so people are usually shocked when they find out I played full tackle lingerie football.

Today during beat The Producer...I got this question right by counting holes on my body...even thought it was a question about the head. Being dumb paid off...kind of.

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07/24/2012 8:33AM
STP's BLOG 07/24/12 "Ichiro!"
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