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STP's BLOG 07/24/13 "Me....Embarrassed?"

Here is the other song that Candlebox performed on our show…this is a newer song called "Summertime", which is off of their latest CD "Love Stories & Other Musings".  I have been on such a Candlebox kick since they came in, and I have been listening to “Love Stories…” a lot…it’s an awesome CD!  Pay attention to the part in the song where Kevin Martin sings "You my lover, baby" (at around 1:25 on the video)-- doesn't it have a Andy Wood/Mother Love Bone feel?  It gave me chills when he sang it like that.  When we interviewed him he mentioned how Andy was a friend and a huge influence, and now when I listen to Candlebox, I can totally hear that.  Makes me love the band even more.

Here is the same video for the iPHONE user:

And now ladies and gentleman…here is a video which led to my wife asking if I ever feel lioke I am embarrassing myself.  I’m not sure which part she is talking about…you be the judge…

Yesterday was an exciting day in my household, as my sweet Colt Cabana T-Shirt showed up…
 photo DE618C73-F44C-4CFC-97BC-0100972A5FFE-21189-00000E7315460EB2_zpsd7b8ddcc.jpg
Props to Colt for including an autograph as well…a real nice touch and completely unexpected! Colt is a pro-wrestler that has an amazing podcast called “The Art Of Wrestling” which you can check out weekly on iTUNES! I bought the shirt at
Back in February, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked if he believed that Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun was clean.  He replied, "Ya, I'd put my salary next year on it."  Well…chalk that up to an “oops” moment!  That was a stupid wager (if we could even call it that) that Rodgers made…so we asked the Rock-A-Holics what stupid bets/wagers they have made, and here are some of the texts we got:
A friend bet me before preseason that I wouldn't dye my hair blue and green if the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl in '05. Well they did and I did it.
Pretty sure you guys are aware, but I got in trouble for burning Seahawks stuff after a bet!! Derrick from Sedro-Woolley...
I bet my co workers, never thinking that they could or would, that if they raised s couple of hundred dollars, that I would dress up like a woman, in full wig and all, and ride around the company golf tournament and serve everyone beer. I lost.
I had to get my tongue pierced because I didn't reach my production quota at work. And I'm not a big fan of piercings.
I made a bet I wouldn't strike out in our softball game and if I did I'd wear panties over my shorts next game, I did strike out embarrassingly and I did follow through, they were lacey pink frilly panties :/ I wore them next all game

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge.  our intern Cole has 60 seconds to find someone to do a "chest bump" with him...will he do it?

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07/24/2013 8:04AM
STP's BLOG 07/24/13 "Me....Embarrassed?"
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