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STP's BLOG 07/25/12 "What's That Smell?"

This morning we were talking about that awful story about the 5th Grade school teacher, Stacy Ankerfelt, who was hit by a car and is in critical condition because of an impaired driver. This is such a sad story…a lot of her friends listen to the show, and she sounds like an amazing woman. The guy was charged with vehicular assauly, and we learned that yesterday Stacy was able to move her toes. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We got this update via text:

Thank you for updating on Stacy's story! Another update is that she was moved from critical to serious condition. Again, appreciate spreading the word!

Her cousin also emailed us this:

There will be a car wash for Stacy at the Les Schwab in Enumclaw on Sunday August 12th at 9 am.

Don’t forget, you can help the family out with the medical costs here:

I finally got around to watching WWE RAW…the 1000th episode. All I can say is WOW! What an awesome episode…some great cameos from some of the guys I grew up watching mix it up in the squared circle…guys like Road Warrior Animal, Psycho Sid Vicious, Roddy Piper, New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Dogg), X-Pac, Shawn Michaels (hell a full DX Reunion minus China), JBL, Ron Simmons, Doink, Lita (who looks even better now than she did back in the day), Trish Stratus, and more. It was one of the better produced shows, and some great storylines being developed…like the one between The Rock, and CM Punk. It’s getting real interesting!
Dunkin’ Donuts is trying to market their coffee in a unique way on South Korean buses. Dunkin’ has determined South Korean customers think of their shops as places to buy doughnuts but not coffee. So the company is getting creative with the coffee reminders. When a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts is heard on a bus, the jingle triggers a machine to emit the scent of Dunkin Donuts coffee. They have strategically placed Dunkin Donut shops at bus exits so that it’s the first place you see when you get off the bus. During the campaign, visits to Dunkin Donuts increased 16% and sales increased 29%. Here is a video all about it…it’s pretty interesting:

Based on Dunkin’ Donuts using a fake coffee smell on buses to get more customers…finish this sentence…”I love the scent of _____”. Here are the texts we received:

Burnt alcohol at the drag strip

Mmmmm bacon

Gasoline, without a doubt. It always reminds me of filling up as a kid before going waterskiing. -the DV

I know its weird but ive always LOVED the smell of fresh paint

I love the scent of gun oil and freshly burned gunpowder. Something about that combination is just invigorating to the mind and body. – Derek

I love the smell of monster energy drink <3 *Monsterz*

And jimmy johns alway smells good too.

I love the scent of the inside of red hook brewery!!

I love the scent of ganja green from Jeff in seattle

I love the scent of fresh tattoos. –Elwood

Brand new sneakers and a freshly unwrapped shower curtain. Dan on 405

Subway the sandwich

Love the smell of cocaine

My own farts.

I love The sent of fresh cut cedar.

I love the scent of band aids! ~ lizz

I love the sent of matches first lit

I love the scent of black coffee. Nobody in my age group drinks it (i'm 20). Ain't got time for cream and sugar. -Jake in Burlington.

I LOVE the smell of Marinara Sauce

The smell of fresh cut grass

A 25-year-old man in New Zealand was jealous that his ex-girlfriend might start dating someone new. So the guy built a HIDDEN BUNKER underneath his ex's HOUSE. He crawled under the house from the deck, climbed through a manhole into an empty space underneath the stairs, and stocked it with food and clothes. He also had a golf club, a chair leg, a screwdriver, and a knife to use as weapons. Then he cut passageways into a linen closet and the hot water heater closet, so he could sneak into the house whenever he wanted. He got caught on April 1st, when he JUMPED out of his hiding spot to attack a man who stopped by to visit his ex late at night. He was sent to jail for more than three years on assault and trespassing charges.

A guy in New Zealand built a hidden bunker to spy on his ex-girlfriend... based on this...have you or someone you know ever spied on someone? If so, who was it, and why? Here are the texts we got:

My ex walked out on me but arranged with the neighbor to call him when i left so he could come in and see what i was up to. He even helped him self to a 12 pack out of the frig. Loser.

was stalked by a ex. She follwed me to the bar. Then was out front of a party. Then at my house when i came home. All in one night!

My ex would pop up at many friends functions when he wasn't really invited any more to spy on me or try to talk to me. Then a year and half later the cra zy bastard, found my new house and stole my car on my bday. So I finally got a restraining order on him after that

While u guys r on the subject, will u tell Steve to quit spying on me, he goes in the pantry, and he sees peanut butter, and stalks , and spys on me unt il I turn around, and he snatches me up, Lulu

Today's Video Blog features a cool gift that Garbage Man Drew got us!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/25/2012 8:03AM
STP's BLOG 07/25/12 "What's That Smell?"
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