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STP's BLOG 07/26/12 "The Great One Visits!"

Exciting news for hockey fans…Wayne Gretzky, The Great One, was in town yesterday & was spotted at the Mariners game. It sounds like going to Safeco to watch the M’s take on the Yankees wasn’t the only reason for the visit…rumor has it that #99 was meeting with some people in Bellevue regarding bring a NHL franchise to Seattle. No word if this was with hopes of teaming up with Chris Hansen’s plans of building an arena in Sodo area to bring an NBA franchise back, or if this was a meeting to also talk about building an arena on the Eastside. Hopefully it’s to partner up with Hansen, but either way lets get this done Gretzky! That would be so damn awesome, and who better to be the ambassador for the NHL in Seattle than Wayne Gretzky. I figured I would do my effort and try and help make this happen…so I thought we should get Wayne on the show. I have no way to get to him, so I figured what better way to reach him than to “tweet” his daughter, Paulina.


Are you not familiar with Paulina? Well she is kind of like Paris Hilton in her socialite ways…partying and taking dirty pix on Twitter. I laughed when I read an article recently that said “Wayne Gretzky has 99 Problems And His Daughter Is One.” All you have to do is do an image search for her online, and this pops up:


A company called Kaleidoscope came up with the 10 most embarrassing things that can happen on your wedding day. Kaleidoscope makes dresses for the mother-of-the-bride, so their results may be a little skewed. Here's their list:

1. Bad outfits: The example they gave was a bride's mother who wore an inappropriately sexy dress.

2. Tension between the mothers: Nasty comments, one-upmanship, and full-blown arguments between the bride and groom's mothers.

3. The groom showing up at the altar drunk.

4. Wardrobe malfunctions, like the groom's pants falling down.

5. Crying babies.

6. Someone speaking up during the moment when the minister asks, "Speak now or forever hold your peace".

7. The groom picks the venue.

8. Seating chart politics: It can be tough to keep all the family members who hate each other separated at the reception.

9. Unwanted guests: Not uninvited guests . . . but when you invite someone just to be polite, and they show up and make a scene.

10. One of the dads dancing at the reception.

Based on this list of the 10 most embarrassing wedding mishaps...what was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you or someone you know at a big event? Here are some of the texts we got:

We had an open bar and my husband had a bit too much to drink. Needless to say he had to be carried out of the reception and when we had to got to the hotel , i had to ask the valet for a wheelchair and wheel him into the honeymoon suite. There was a prom going on at the hotel and so all the kids got to see me wheel my husband into the place in my wedding dress. Best night ever! Married 11 years this year and couldn't ask for a better partner but he to this day can't live that night down

I was a grooms man at at a buddys wedding. got so drunk the other groomsmen had to hold me up. his wife still wont talk to me. signed Clifford

Nicole in Tacoma, at my high school graduation my dad & stepmom showed late & drunk. They yelled out my name and u could smell the alcohol all over them

My best man at my wedding up and left mid way through the ceremony to go to an Amway global meeting
my best man said my wifes name wrong during his speech. Cajun

my best friend let her hair on fire during the ceremony at her sisters wedding
wore kilt for wedding. Everyone wanted to lift it up

My buddy deuced himself at the ACDC concert. Waited till Thunderstruck was over then cleaned himself up.

Groomsman doing it in the parking lot with the grooms sister & getting caught by brides relatives

Our best man got locked in the dressing room during his fitting. We had to have the door broken down to get him out.

My best friend showed up to his sisters wedding high on meth and heroin, gave his sister a dead rat, and punched the groom. It took 5 of us to drag him out.

Kleenex did a survey of Australian women, and ALL of them said they'd seen their husband or boyfriend cry at a movie. Only 40% said they'd cried at the birth of their children . . . 25% cried on their wedding day . . . and 10% cried when their favorite sports team lost.

Here are the ten movies most likely to get a guy choked up:

1. "Marley and Me"
2. "Red Dog": That was an Australian movie released last year . . . about ANOTHER dog that dies. So apparently that does the trick.
3. "Life is Beautiful"
4. "The Shawshank Redemption"
5. "The Notebook"
6. “Forrest Gump"
7. "Love Actually"
8. "Titanic"
9. "My Sister's Keeper": That's a Cameron Diaz movie from 2009 by the guy who directed "The Notebook", about a little girl with leukemia and her organ donor sister.
10. "Toy Story 3"

So we had to ask…guys…be honest…what was the last film that made you tear up? Ladies, when did you bust your man crying because of a movie? Here are the texts we received:

I cried at the end of Act of Valor

I would punch any of my buddies wh cry in front of me.


I've never cried during a movie until I saw Marley and me. I cried like a little girl. I had to turn it off. DAMN YOU MARLEY!!!


The Dark Knight Rises had me in tears... The emotional scenes with Alfred were so raw and well done that if that man dosent get an oscar nod it will be a crime

Rudy. Every time man. U guys make it possible to wake up before 10. - spider in lfp

Bj the movie that made me cry was (law abiding citizen) with gerald buttler and jamie foxx they murder his wife and daughter in front of him but his revenge is sweet

The movie "my girl", when McCauley Culkin dies and Veda(the little girl) runs in at his funeral and starts freaking out yelling, "where's his glasses, he can't see without his glasses". I dont know why, but that scene is brutal..... ~cj

We bought a zoo when the tiger died.. Sad I love animals Red the chicken man

The last movie to make me cry like a little girl was GRAN TORINO. I held out pretty well til the end. Then I lost it.

Brian's song should be #1 on the list for guys

The freaking bucket list

"Pay it forward" got me. Most recently was hearing Steve talking about Lucy though.

Act Of Valor, actors weren't great but the story line is great. Ben from JBLM HOOAH!

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07/26/2012 8:14AM
STP's BLOG 07/26/12 "The Great One Visits!"
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