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STP's BLOG 07/27/12 "Iron Sheik Called Me Bubba"

So last night my night was made. Thanks to The Iron Sheik. I came across a hilarious article where Iron Sheik was interviewed by NBC online, and I don’t think they knew what they were getting into when interviewing “Sheikie”. Here is the article…

So when I saw that, I had to share it with my fellow wrasslin’ fan, my boss…SGT. Hairclub…I tweeted it to him, and the the Iron Sheik replied….check it out:


Over this past week we talked about that sad story about the 5th Grade school teacher, Stacy Ankerfelt, who was hit by a car and is in critical condition because of an impaired driver. We have been getting updates from her cousin Brandy…a couple days ago she told me that Stacy was able to move her toes, and I got an email from her yesterday that said that “Stacy moved her hands and arms on command! One more victory!!” Don't forget, you can help the family out with the medical costs here:

Also…there are a couple other ways to show support:

There is going to be a silent auction and spaghetti feed on August 5th at 1:00 PM at the Log Cabin Pub in Sumner

There will be a car wash for Stacy at the Les Schwab in Enumclaw on Sunday August 12th at 9 am.

Two different surveys were recently done on what sport should be kicked out of the Olympics.
In one survey, 19% of people said badminton should be kicked out . . . 15% said table tennis . . . and 13% said team handball. Team handball is the only sport America won't be competing in this year. The other survey . . . which was only of men . . . found 47% think TRAMPOLINE should get kicked out. 30% picked synchronized swimming, 18% picked table tennis, and 5% picked archery.
The sport people are most looking forward to watching is gymnastics. That's followed by swimming and track and field.

I’m sorry…Table Tennis is just ping pong…I get they are really good at it, but anything that can be a drinking game should not be a sport. Whats next, Darts? Oh wait…Archey is pretty much that. I kid you Hunger Games freaks…I get Archery is difficult, but so is Flip Cup when you are wasted. I think there are only 2 sports worth watching…Water Polo, because it’s like hockey in the water, and volleyball…why Women’s Volleyball? Need I say more:


The opening ceremonies for the Olympics are today…Do you even care? If so…what is your favorite sport? What sport do you want out? Here are the texts we received:

I would say fencing and all women ones, they all suck and ppl dont watch females sports so dont have them in the olympics!!!

I would kick out men's basketball. A bunch of overpaid prima donnas that couldn't act like a team if their lives depended on it. –Bjorn

Speed walking should be cut. That's not a sport.

I don't really care for the olympics, but I don't understand why they haven't added motor sports, like drifting, formula 1 and rally racing, now that is worth watching

Really don't care about the Olympics. It's baseball season and I will watch my losing Mariners over the Olympics any day. –Bjorn

The winter olympics are far more entertaining to watch than the summer olypics!

Gymnastics is great... Because cameltoe !!!

Steve the volleyball outfits changed to a more conservative look this year. Those rat

It's not that I don't think basketball shouldn't be in the Olympics, however pro players shouldn't be allowed to participate. Let the college stars play. AMATURES! Nothing like the feeling when our hockey team won in '80! Cy from McChord!

Try watching water polo! Violent and fun!

I could give a flying f*** about the Olympics. A bunch of obscure "sports" that my kindergartener could do. Waste of time.


Today's Video Blog stems from a video we came across where some girl is crying because of the news that the Twilight girl Kristen Stewart cheated on the Twilight boy Robert Pattinson.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/27/2012 7:43AM
STP's BLOG 07/27/12 "Iron Sheik Called Me Bubba"
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