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STP's BLOG 07/29/13 "RIP Kidd Kraddick"

This weekend I was at the Car Toys in Tukwila for their tent sale…it was a blast meeting everyone that came out to say hi….and one of the people that came out was a woman I have talked to a bunch of times on the phone, but never met….
 photo BD828C03-6D00-4594-B1D3-5B43707BDADE-31238-000014E5EEA29D4A_zps58d13c36.jpg
Who is that?  Crazy Cheri!  Yes, the one and only…the best part of it was that there were a couple people that were stoked to find out they were right next to the one and only Crazy Cheri!
As we were there, the fellas from Rockford Fosgate were hanging with us showing off their sweet car stereo options…so I had to check it out…

So in the word of radio there are a few guys that everyone looks up to in the industry, and one of the guys at the very top…many would agree, he is the one at the top…is Kidd Kraddick.  Kidd changed the radio mentality for many, he helped pave the way for shows like ours that are character driven, and talk based.  Inside the industry, he paved the way for radio people to network and share ideas…we all owe a lot to his vision.  I have never met him, but have been fortunate enough to be at radio conferances where he talked and shared his thoughts.  I have always respected what he did for the industry I love, and sadly he died over the weekend at 53 years old.  It looks like he died from a aneurism, while at a charity event for his charity Kidd’s Kids… .  I came across this video of a recent segment on the show…and I just love this, it’s just a cool moment…I hope you dig it as much as I did:

This is a great quote from Kidd... 

"Keep looking up, cause that’s where it all is." – Kidd Kraddick

Today's Video blog is the final part of our interview with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright.  They were in studio promoting "The World's End" -- in theaters on Aug 23rd.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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07/29/2013 7:05AM
STP's BLOG 07/29/13 "RIP Kidd Kraddick"
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07/29/2013 5:23PM
blog and show
1/2 ur videos dont show up on ur blog ready To stop wasting my time with ur station show has gone downhill since u started playin music and RR was let go
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