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STP's BLOG 08/01/12 "50 Shades Of Grey?"

So this morning the book 50 Shades Of Grey came up. No, none of us are reading it, but a story said that there might be a baby boom because of this book because woman are reading it, getting worked up, and slamming their man because of it! Hell…I have a few buddy’s that have said that they are getting more action with their wife since she started reading this book. I know nothing about this book, so I went to Wikipedia to learn about it…how about this raunch-fest is based in Seattle! Here is the plot according to Wiki:

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James. Set largely in Seattle, it is the first installment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism

The texts starting flying in regarding this book:

Chick at work just read it and keeps trying to jump my bones and...... She's married
It's just got a ton of graphic sex...very arousing :)

My wife read the book and it definitely sparked allot of sex when the book was finished so was the sex

My gf is is on the 3rd one and its all about bondage n ****plugs. She cant put it down
The book is poorly written but the sex scenes are very detailed

Its not at all bout thinkin of christian grey its hot f--,ing n it makes u horny so u do ur man

If there is a baby boom because of this book…will we see the same dumb trend that we saw with Twilight, where idiot parents were naming their kids Jacob, Edward, or Bella. I swear, hospitals should have the right to take your child and give it to a loving family if you name your kid Christian, or Anastasia.

We received this email from Brittani…if you could help out a fellow Rock-A-Holic, that would be awesome!

A very good friend of mine named Heather is very happily married to her husband Josh and they have two beautiful young children named Corbin and Keira. During Heather's pregnancy with Keira she was having a lot of trouble breathing. She went to the ER and they put her on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy because it was too risky to run any tests. After she gave birth they finally started running tests and found out that she was suffering for an extremely rare lung disease. Heather is now on a waiting list to have a double lung transplant. The family feels odd asking for money from others but unfortunately that is the position they are in. One of the saddest parts of this story is that her brother died a few years ago from a very similar issue. We are selling bracelets staying "Breathe Together" for $5.00 each. You can donate at:

Seventy years ago, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis were both 15 years old and living in Tennessee. They met, dated for a few years, got married, and had four kids together . . . but got divorced in 1964. Now, almost FIFTY YEARS after their divorce, they're both 85 . . . and they've decided to get REMARRIED. After the divorce, Lena moved to Buffalo, New York. Roland ended up moving to Colorado and getting remarried. Earlier this year, his wife died . . . and one of his and Lena's adult daughters convinced him to move to New York to be with the family. Once he got back around Lena, they had the same spark they did back when they were teenagers . . . and decided to get married all over again. Their wedding is this weekend in Buffalo.

Based on this story about a couple getting back together after getting Divorced 48 years ago…Have you ever gotten back with someone you divorced? Did it work out? Or…Would you ever get back with you ex? What would it take to get back with them? Here are some of the texts we received:

After separating 3 times before divorcing... And after I dating me for over 3 years, at Christmas of last year my ex and her husband had a conversation over dinner. 3 weeks later we broke up. 2 months after that they were officially an item.

I got divorced 3months ago from my wife of 10 years. We are back together planning to get remarried and happier than ever!

My parents have been divorced for 6 yrs, never moved outta the same house. They have tried it once since then but obviously it failed. Now they are trying again but this last wkend my mom heard rumors my dad was cheating again. Did I mention when they were married my dad got some chick pregnant and I have a 12 yr old sister.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way in hell I'd ever go back to my ex wife. Been 12 years since our divorce and its been the happiest 12 years of my life vs the 7 years of hell with her

I def wont get back with my x becuz she is a cheating whore!

I am currently "dating" my ex-husband

Not only no but F no . HE WAS A DAMN PSYCO . Probably the only person in the world I hope bad shit happens to ! This bitch dont love drama

He's probably only marrying her so he can watch her die. Hahaha

After 12 years of battling over kids, which I have, she came to c the kids a couple of months ago and we hooked up.

My husband and I were divorcing but before we followed through with the papers we were back together and better than ever now after

I would only get back together to do her. That was the only good part.

My grandmother was married 7 times to 4 men. She married the last one 4 times crazy bitch

On Saturday night, a 23-year-old man outside of Darwin, Australia decided to shove a few firecrackers into his butt crack, then lit them. And as you'd expect, things went wrong and he was severely burned all over his buttocks AND genitalia. The local hospital is planning to fly him to a bigger hospital to handle his burns. And it gets worse for him . . . he lives in a part of Australia where it's illegal to set off fireworks, so he could get hit with a fine.

Based on this story of a guy that severely burned his buttocks AND genitalia when trying to light fireworks from there…finish this sentence: “I’ll admit that I contributed to the dumbing down of society when I tried to do ______.”

Roger from tacoma.. 3 friends and I jumped off a 60 foot cliff into water while our t shirts were on fire. Why..cause there were people who wanted to se e it. 2 guys got 3rd degree burns on the back of their bicepts. Then they got in trouble with the army for damaging government property namely their own bodies.

My brother was layn his junk on the end of a conveyr belt while evrybody was on lunch. The staples that hold it conveyr snagd his sack!

Jumped over bond fire naked. Burned all hair off my ass and junk! Thank God that was it.

I'll admit that I contributed to the 'Dumming Down' Of our city by attempting to jump from one part of the stage to another. I was doing a show in a bar and I thought it would be a good idea to jump from the stage to the bar. I could preform there so I wanted to. It was further than I thought and I fell and broke 4 of my ribs. Couldn't sing for 3 months... Also wasn't allowed to smoke or drink.... I was pissed and stuck in a bed... I WONT try to jump distances again with out thinking twice. -With stupidity, Faro Lavinichiono

I tried to launch a bottle rockets with my teeth.. Forgot they spray very hot sparks and burnt my Lips! Thank you Bacardi for numbing the pain

When i tried to do a runing backflip off a cliff then ended up hitting my head on the cliff and fell into the river knocked out cold lol

The big argument today is “To Stand Or Not To Stand” – BJ was shocked by my bathroom habits. How do I describe this in a “classy” way. OK, I can’t…I stand when I wipe. That simple. Oh when I’m in the bathroom taking care of business…I fully take my pants and my underwear off. They thought this was crazy. The texts flew in (of course) with people having my back…sort to speak:

Stand up for the win

Don't worry Steve. I stand up too. Way better.

I stand up too steve I've done it as long as I can remember

Wow what a conversation!! Hahahaha!!!

My ex used to stand up too. WIERD!!!

Don't feel bad steve I am 23 years old and I still do the same thing. Stay real brotha

Steve I got you. I stand up to wipe as well. I'm so happy you do, I always thought I was the only one.
stand up to I don't wanna dunk my hand

STP,,, I'm 38 and I stand up also at the end game,, your not alone,,, corey at fort lewis.

Stp and ted smith both get nekked to duece

Im with you Steve! i stand up also some time ill do both, but always finish standing. thats why your the man Steve! i dnt like pant around ankles either

Hah. STP Is a weirdo. I usually shit down when i finish up

Bj only women wipe sitting down, I'm with Steve

Lol you guys are awesome. I was a stander as a kid but I'm a sitter now.

I have never laughed so hard while picturing someone poop.

Steve, your such a freak.... I'm so creeped out...

Haha....Steve my wife flips me a bunch of crap because i stand when i wipe...

Omg this is hilarious. Steve has to be the only person I have ever heard of that gets naked to take a ****

Today's video blog is a re-enactment from a chat this morning about how I stand when I am dealing with my "post game" activities after a #2! Classy chat right?  Minus the "CL" in Classy...Waka Waka!


Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 08/01/12 "50 Shades Of Grey?"
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