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STP's BLOG 08/02/12 "Badminton!"

Badminton has a preliminary round to decide which teams go to the medal round. It also determines the seedings for the medal round. On Tuesday, four women's doubles teams had already clinched a spot in the medal round: Two from South Korea, one from Indonesia, and the defending world champions from China. And they all figured that they'd face an easier opponent to open the medal round if they LOST their last preliminary match. So, all four teams went out and tried to LOSE on purpose. They hit serves into the net, and generally made no effort to win. Even worse, two of the teams were playing EACH OTHER . . . which resulted in an incredibly lame match. And the fans in the arena figured it out. They started booing and demanded a refund. Yesterday, Olympic officials sent all four teams HOME. The Chinese Olympic delegation said it "fully respects" the decision to punish its two players and said it would carry out its own investigation. The South Koreans and Indonesians are appealing the decision.

Four Badminton teams were disqualified for trying to lose on purpose…based on this, when have you purposely done bad at something, and why? Here are the texts we received:

Playing games with my 4 year old daughter. Wife says I'm not suppose to win.....Chris in the Claw

I sucked in bed so my ex husband would stop asking for sex. Laid there like a dead fish

Heyy toppppaayy!! Lost in bowling on tha first date so i can get that punanny!! Mckinstry

Purposely done crap job on IT just 2 B called back so i wld get more money -​ D

Playing Video games with my girl, reason why.. Sex..

I burn stuff on purpose when I cook so other people will make me food. But I can cook if I have to. Thank gawd dudes can cook nowadays!

Do laundry wrong to not be allowed to do again

Underreported productivity at work to avoid a 'promotion'. Extra responsibilities, a much more restricted vacation calendar, and NO additional pay. No thanks.

Id let my older brothers beat me in video game so they wont get bored and stop playing
Laundry. Bad once havent done laundry for the past 12 years. Wife thinks i just cant do it.

I purposely told a girl I never had sex with a girl before so she would teach me, she proceeds to teach me and we end up having wild sex.. winning..:)

"GQ" magazine just published the results of a survey asking women which qualities make up the "IDEAL MAN." They found nine characteristics that are NECESSARY, and four that are pretty important but not crucial. The Nine Necessary Qualities: Honesty . . . kindness . . . intelligence . . . a good sense of humor . . . blue eyes . . . the ability to speak two languages . . . being a romantic, as opposed to being good in bed . . . NOT being a vegetarian . . . and being a good listener. The Four Pretty Important, But Not as Important, Qualities: A European car . . . a job that requires you to wear a suit to work . . . a degree . . . and being clean shaven.

I think this list of what makes an “ideal” mate to be ridiculous…so we had to ask, what about you? What qualities make for an ideal woman or man? Here are the texts we got:

My ideal guy is someone who challenges me. Someone who doesn't just take my shit! Some one who is fun and likes to hike and be out doors! Someone who loves their family, and loves mine just as much... But in a different way of course.

My ideal man has one quality...he cares and respects his mother..we arent momma's boy but one who shows her the respect that a mother should be shown...that man will be that way to his wife/girlfriend.

She has to be able to make a killer sandwich. Ideal woman, right there.

I want a man who is smart enough to teach me new things, but not so smart as to make me feel stupid. :-​)

ine would be a lady that doesn't take for ever to get ready and realize that she has or is being crazy or overdramatic.

A woman that can sit next to u at a football game and yell, or that can look hot and sexy in a dress when u go out to dinner

Today's Video Blog features The Rev attempting to do the Blazin' Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lynnwood!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users::

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08/02/2012 10:07AM
STP's BLOG 08/02/12 "Badminton!"
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