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STP's BLOG 08/02/13 "Music Have An Effect On You?"

Sometimes we have the oddest conversations at work…

Yesterday we talked about a 45-year-old guy in Toronto with a rare condition called synesthesia from having a stroke six years ago.  With this condition, one stimulation triggers another unrelated area of your brain.  So for this guy, when he hears the "James Bond" theme, he feels, quote, "ORGASMIC." As we were talking about this, I shared that the Rocky theme has a powerful effect on me…and then we received a bunch of texts about this…here are a couple:

First two drum beats of Alice In Chains “Man In The Box”. The hair starts flowin.

“Mother” by Danzig gets me speeding tickets

Pink Floyd makes me wanna have sex with my ex. -- Liz

What about you? Whether it be good or bad…what is that one song that has a powerful effect on you? Here are some of the texts we got…

Speeding ticket, hell yes! Thunder Kiss 69! My Bronco has the 351 in it with duel glass packs. I drop it down a gear and drive it like its stolen until the end of that song whenever it's on!!!

Offspring bad habit yeah I go there

Im epileptic and the intro to muses hysteria makes me have a mild seizure... Love it!
The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme song! Wonderful childhood memories, that shredding guitar gets me pumped like Steve and his Rocky theme.

Jimi Hendricks voodoo child... makes me want to have sex instantly.

Simple Man remade by Shinedown. Makes me cry every time. I have two small boys. –​Jessika

Down with the sickness, just amps me up to the point of wanting to just go balls to the wall, My first mosh pit was at this concert, been hooked ever since.

I get super pumped when I hear any of the two versions of Crown of Thorns.

Nothing like watching a garbage truck driver fist pumping while dumping cans. Chris.
Cowboys from hell makes me drive like I'm in a Indy 500 race

18th floor balcony by blue October. Describes my wife and i relationship from meeting to marriage. Was our wedding song.

My oh my by macklemore. Reminds me of listening to baseball with my grandfather. Tears me up every time.

Today's Video Blog features Toppy showing off what song gets him PUMPED!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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08/02/2013 7:41AM
STP's BLOG 08/02/13 "Music Have An Effect On You?"
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