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STP's BLOG 08/03/12 "Red Solo Cup"

Before I get to anything else…today started off great when I saw what our intern Daron was wearing!


Great news for metal fans! Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe was finally released from behind bars after spending more than a month at a Prague, Czech Republic prison on manslaughter charges. Blythe was arrested because he shoved a fan off the stage during a concert in 2010. The man suffered a brain hemorrhage and died a month later. It’s a sad story, but the fact that Randy was arrested for a freak accident amazes me…especially when you read more into, and this guy stormed the stage three times during the show according to reports.

What better way to celebrate the release of Randy than by playing my favorite Lamb Of God song:

Two men were arrested early yesterday morning in South Lake Union when they climbed a crane at a construction site. Hmmmm….alcohol, maybe? They were taken into custody around 3:00 a.m., 3:30? Alcohol, definitely! They were arrested for trespassing.

Based on this, finish this sentence… “I can’t believe I got caught doing ______.” Here are the texts we got:

I got cot getn oral in a movie theater! The guy with the lite shined it rite on my junk & my g.f.'s full mouth!

Get guys this is danielle from everett love your show!! I can't believe I got caught peeing in the middle of a street by a cop! And yes I was drunk!

Cant beleave I got cought doing my girlfriend when we were 15 by her drunk dad

I got caught tresspassing at a 24 hour chevron. I mean come on. Had to go to court and everything talk about bull-s

I cant believe i got caught hiding from the cops in stuffed animals at walmart.

I got caught in the 7th grade hanging pots and pans off a flag pole........ Big Hoffy Renton

My dad caught me having sex. As we were leaving he stood up and clapped

I got caught plowing my girlfriends mom.. Bo in Issaquah

Almost got arrested for public intoxication for humping a smart car because "smart cars have no souls."

I got caught plowing my buddy's older sister. She gave herself to me for my 18th birthday. She had HUGE CANS Toppy!!!

I can't believe I got caught listening to the lady gaga by my platoon sgt when I was deployed to afghanistan... I swear I am metal but it is what it is haha

Today's video blog features the return of a man many of you listened to on The Roc....RICKER! Ricker swung by to say hi to all of us, and you as well!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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08/03/2012 7:49AM
STP's BLOG 08/03/12 "Red Solo Cup"
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