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STP's BLOG 08/04/14 "No Theaters For Me"

Over the weekend I guess Guardians of the Galaxy just dominated at the box office, and all the reviews have been very positive… Rotten Tomatoes gave it 93% (users gave it 96%)…so BJ wondered what “Stevie Tomatoes” (my own movie review imaginary site) would give it.  I told him it would have to wait until it comes out On Demand.  This surprised BJ…but the more we talked, the more he realized that it’s been ages since I actually went to a movie.

I used to LOVE the movie going experience…mainly because I REALLY love getting theater popcorn.  It’s the best…you can’t replicate that unhealthy buttery treat that is movie theater popcorn.  My issue is that the older I get, the more of a curmudgeon I become.  I hate the people that go to movies.  The people that check their phone and I have to be distracted by the light.  The people that sit near me and won’t shut up.  The people that bring their kids with them, and are oblivious to the fact that their hyper kid has been kicking my chair since the opening credits. 

I know this makes me sound like a miserable human being…but when I started doing the math…it was nearly 40 bucks to go see a film (2 tickets, concessions)…why waste that much money to be uncomfortable? 

No on the other hand…I love going to concerts…yes, some of the same things that happen at a theater could apply to the concert going experience, but my expectations at a show are different…part of the concert going experience is the people watching.  I especially love when people are really “into” the show…it’s fun to watch people jam out…like this woman.

I think this woman rules… what’s that saying? “Zero Eff’s Given” – she is the epitome of that saying, and I respect her for that!

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08/04/2014 7:14AM
STP's BLOG 08/04/14 "No Theaters For Me"
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