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STP's BLOG 08/05/13 "Spring Breakers"

So I tried to watch a movie this weekend that has the same honor that Movie 43 had in our household – as we turned it off because it was so damn bad…in fact, here is my video review of the film…

What movie is it?  Spring Breakers.  Even James Franco couldn’t save this movie…awful acting…and the way they filmed it was just plain annoying.  I’d say watch it so you understand what I mean, but that would cost you money and I don’t think you should spend a nickel on this film, let alone $5.99 to rent it.
After we turned off that pile of a movie…we rented Jack Reacher.  That movie was…to paraphrase our former Intern Cole…AWESOME!  I know Tom Cruise is nuts, but if you put him in an action film, I’m watching it!
Huge props to my wife as she ran another half marathon this weekend…it was the Tacoma Narrows Half marathon, and Lulu & I were there to show support…
 photo 90057827-6A19-4162-AAE5-F6FB965F333F-7641-000005D65AE0BD31_zps65dbe9cd.jpg
 photo 2ECE9ED5-360F-4683-A185-A530180EABFB-7641-000005D663028334_zps15cde709.jpg
Now she has 2 medals…more on the way!
 photo A3864773-95D7-49A5-9838-B13CA46911D4-7641-000005D67BCFFE3D_zps8edcca50.jpg
MILEY CYRUS has been voted the Most Cheat-Worthy Celebrity by the guys who use . . . a website that hooks up people who are looking to have AFFAIRS.  Miley took 18.6% of the vote, followed by MILA KUNIS with 12.4%. Miley is 20 years old . . . and the average age of Ashley Madison users is 44.
Here's the Top 10 . . .

1.  Miley Cyrus,  18.6%
2.  Mila Kunis,  12.4%
3.  Jennifer Lawrence,  11.6%
4.  Sofia Vergara,  9.4%
5.  Beyoncé,  8.1%
6.  Rihanna,  7.5%
7.  Katy Perry,  5.2%
8.  Katie Couric,  3.8%
9.  Jessica Biel,  3.2%
10.  Kate Upton,  2.2%

Miley Cyrus is the celebrity most guys would cheat with…based on this…finish this sentence:  “The celebrity I would cheat with is _____”
I would cheat with shakira instantly
I'd definitely do Taylor Swift
Betty White Oh baby!
The celebrity I would cheat with would be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I'd climb him like a tree. Yum.
Ive got a pretty serious man crush on Hugh Jackman. My fiance says thats okay, does that count as cheating?
I'd cheat with Christina Applegate
WWE diva a.j just crazy hot emphasize crazy
Hands down.....Jack White
Anna Kendrick gotta love that red hair. Hopefully the carpet…
I'm pretty sure if Selma Hayak whispered in my ear, I wouldn't be far behind and definitely have some explaining to do later.
Hey bj. What do you guys think about Courtney Love? You said you like skanky! Haha!
David Tennant, hands down. –Erin
Ben aflick steve the producer
I would for sure go with vicki barsoloni!

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08/05/2013 7:45AM
STP's BLOG 08/05/13 "Spring Breakers"
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08/05/2013 1:00PM
The celeb I would cheat with
Sue Bird, Vicky B. and Kaci A (Q13)
08/05/2013 1:24PM
I Would Cheat With . . .
Hey STP! I would definitely cheat with Sapphire! Remember her? I think she was Dusty Rhodes's wife. If not with her, maybe I'd sleep with Sensational Sherri. She'd be a volcano in the sack. I heard you had a foursome with Brother Love, Virgil, and Mr. Fuji.
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