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STP's BLOG 08/05/14 "UFC Press Event Turns Into A UFC Fight!"

I know there will be some UFC / MMA purists that were disgusted by what happened at the press event yesterday with Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel “DC” Cormier…but I LOVED it.  Call it my obsession for wrestling, and the art of building up a match (yes I know wrestling and UFC are different)…but what happened yesterday has made me very excited for this bout!

Look I know that there is supposed to be respect in the world of martial arts…but these guys clearly hate each other, and this gets me pumped to watch them go at it on September 27th

The two of them apologized for their actions, and I bet they will get a stern talking to from UFC officials, but I would have to think behind closed doors the UFC its counting the money these two just made them.  Every hard core UFC fan will get this PPV regardless, but if you don’t think that marginal UFC fans aren’t going to make arrangements to see this…you are crazy!

Now if we can get them to cut some WWE style promo’s and maybe one of the guy paints his face like the Ultimate Warrior, we would have the best of both worlds!

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08/05/2014 8:13AM
STP's BLOG 08/05/14 "UFC Press Event Turns Into A UFC Fight!"
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08/08/2014 11:46PM
Jones VS DC
They will both get a bigger payday than before. I am really excited to order and see this fight now.
08/14/2014 9:46AM
Fight postponed!!!!
Hey what did u think about them rescheduling this super exciting upcoming fight. Bones injured his leg unfortunately and now has it rescheduled for jan 7. Ugh.
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