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STP's BLOG 08/06/12 "Take A...???"

The "Wall Street Journal" analyzed different sports to figure out just how much time different Olympic athletes actually spend competing on their way to a gold medal. The quickest Olympics go to the shot putters. All told, a shot putter spends just THIRTEEN SECONDS competing to win the gold. The javelin throwers come in second, with about 32 seconds of total competition on the way to gold.

That’s just crazy…under a minute of competing, and then you get the gold. Hell if lovemaking was an olympoic sport…and all you need is 13 seconds…I’d be a gold medalist…Waka Waka.
Last week I posted a list of Olympians that have interesting names…this Volleyball player from Japan made the list….my only question is…why isn’t she #2??


Our Olympics correspondent, and BBC presenter, Graham Mack had a great topic idea based on a tweet he made:


Fill in the blank - "I'd be a gold medalist if ______ was an Olympic sport". What is something that you are great at? Here are some of the texts we got:

Beer chugging, have won many beers and money beating on my beer drinking ability. Jason puayllup

I would be a gold medalist, if spraying cars with fire extinguisers while drunk, was a sport.

I would be a gold metalist at diagnosing and fixing automobiles mike

I would be a gold medal of it eating competition

pop culture trivia and useless facts. Cajun

...if Rock Band drumming was an event. Five-starred The Perfect Drug, now working on Painkiller. Scott Travis is insane. -the DV

Pulling and reinstalling car and truck transmissions.....most take me 1 hour to do BOTH yet repair shops charge 8-12 hours

Arguing with my wife

Gold metal for annoying my wife. Can be done in 5 seconds or less

Grilling steak. -Meat master

Air hockey. Undefeated in 9 years, bitches. -TJ Conquest

Drawing anything in any type, Relalistic, cartoon, painted, charcol or even pastel, I can draw ANYTHING.

Stained glass. I've won 2nd at the puyallup fair the last 2 years. Hope for 1st this year. :) faith

The "Total Recall" remake made $26 million this weekend . . . but that was only good enough for 2nd place. "The Dark Knight Rises" tacked on another $36.4 million this weekend to easily take the #1 spot for a third week in a row. BJ saw the new Total Recall…he liked the movie a lot and thought it was well done, but did say that this version was missing the “fun” of the original. Which made BJ miss Arnold, and the “action stars” of yester-year…we came across a list that X-FINITY put together, they compiled the 20 greatest Action Movie Stars…here is the list:

1. Sylvester Stallone
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
3. Charles Bronson
4. Bruce Willis
5. Harrison Ford
6. Bruce Lee
7. Clint Eastwood
8. Linda Hamilton
9. Will Smith
10. Steve McQueen
11. Tom Cruise
12. Nicolas Cage
13. Jackie Chan
14. Mel Gibson
15. Denzel Washington
16. Jason Statham
17. Milla Jovovich
18. John Wayne
19. Chuck Norris
20. Angelina Jolie

Who do you think is this generations Action Movie Star? Or…Who is the greatest action movie star of all time? Here are the texts we got:

The cast of the Avengers are the best of today. It had action, sex appeal, and humor. All time goes to Arnold, hands down. –Bjorn

Clint eastwood

Arnold is the greatest action star of all time. I own every arnold movie except junior. And thats cause it sucks.

For a new action star, I like Jason Statham. Crank reminds me a lot of the fun movies from the eighties.

Greatest action star(s)'s a tie between Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone (spelling?) Demolition man was was Judge Dredd and the Blade Trilogy

In his prime tom cruise used to be bad ass but i really like will smith and shia lebuff for the newer generation of action. :-)

Today's video blog features a package we got in the mail that is a complete blast from the past!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

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08/06/2012 8:18AM
STP's BLOG 08/06/12 "Take A...???"
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