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STP's BLOG 08/11/14 "Morning Radio Convention"

What an awesome time in Chicago for our morning radio convention! 
 photo 2F9771BE-FE37-40B8-B9DF-19EC36F84551_zpspi2nsmq8.jpg
All of us went to the Windy City to be inspired…and one of us actually did the inspiring!  Who was that?  Hot Kyle of course…he inspired me to never pack a suitcase full of Chicago Based beer to bring home…he did this, and learned a valuable lesson in  packing things as the suitcase was leaking beer when he pulled it off the baggage claim conveyer belt!

OK…in all seriousness, this will be the one time this year I have something nice to say about our leader, BJ.  BJ knocked it out of the park with an opening address for everyone that atrtended.  Many thought BJ’s opening speech was going to be what he is known for at these conventions…him yelling at people in a sugar fueled rage…but that wasn’t the case.  BJ had us all hanging on to every one of his words…and the words “Give Up Never” hit close to home for all of us.  I know “Give Up Never” sounds like some sort of Yoda-speak, but what he was saying is that we need to give up saying we can never succeed, be respected, inspire, etc.  It was very cool…Props to you BJ!

 photo 618DD884-1219-489D-B90C-65ED53B93C83_zpsgkxpzf1z.jpg

We put together a cool video to use to into BJ, starring our bud Duff McKagan…check it out:

Some of the other things I learned or noticed:

You never know when a picture posted on our Instagram will be blown up on a big screen and be used in a presentation about Social Media!  Look at me enjoying, “coke”!
 photo 306403EA-39B9-4E1C-B033-F1ED02785E92_zpsiro625rm.jpg
It’s always a smart idea to photo bomb pictures when your radio friends are taking pictures with people you don’t recognize.  It turns out we ate at a place that is run by a guy from the Iron Chef, and he came out to say hi.  Here I am with Masaharu Morimoto.
 photo 4D16D559-2C07-48BD-9355-3A3CD3ADB639_zpsumhpbq5m.jpg
When bored…I decided to post this drawing I made on my phone before calling it a night…a few people on Twitter assumed that I took mushrooms while there!  I can’t see why…
 photo E8E67213-31A8-4F1E-946E-AEC9AF12BE1F_zpsqfzex743.jpg
Many of us were using the Hashtag #MSBC26 on Twitter while there.  One industry Twitter page, found one of my Tweets to be the most poignant from day one! 

 photo tweetwc_zps761d30c1.jpg

Yup…that’s the White Castle menu…which led to the best exchange between me and the cabbie when he realized that we wanted him to go through the drive-thru.  The cabbie said: “How long will this take?”  My reply… “well, it’s fast food…so I’m assuming…FAST”.
If you want awesome food…we had a great meal at an Italian food place called Mia Francesca!  Here is the whole crew getting our grub on…

 photo E833076D-67D7-48CB-BFC1-18891C6F3CB0_zpscscfuyl0.jpg
BJ’s son, Joe, got his grub on a few times at the Chic Fil A right by our hotel…
 photo 3E9BFFCA-8B69-4833-BA41-87AD8FE370CC_zpsccgokzag.jpg
The Boys Town area rules…lots of great bars and places to eat…it’s where Wrigley Field is, and some places have a great sense of humor about the Cubbies!
 photo 125A1BB4-E5CB-4104-B2CC-711384AA7F12_zpsisejery4.jpg
We were in that area because of Market Days, which is a HUGE Pride festival…it was a great time!
 photo 875726FD-C39F-4BA0-8048-7067C1649843_zpsm1gymsfz.jpg
 photo 0AE6220C-DFB9-4075-896E-8A639D07A5DF_zpsqiyodcmw.jpg

On Friday, our lunch entertainment was Steve Byrne, Roy Wood Jr, Ahmed Ahmed, Owen Benjamin…they are the stars of TBS’s Sullivan & Son, which is a super funny show!  The guys will be at The Parlor Live at the end of this month…go see them if you can as they are hilarious.  Owen Benjamin is one funny dude!
 photo 2C263B18-2725-4701-9D47-1F1AD20539EA_zpsdv5xawmf.jpg

Congrats to Alaska Airlines for being awesome...they now have chargers on the seats in front of you!  
 photo C6E667ED-B641-4B2E-8751-B721FD2FF7A7_zpsc1rjpope.jpg
It was agreat weekend, but I was glad to get home and relax and watch TV with Lulu!

 photo EAE977F2-1BFF-4A0C-9EFB-32172A426856_zpss8atgpmn.jpg

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08/11/2014 8:26AM
STP's BLOG 08/11/14 "Morning Radio Convention"
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