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STP's BLOG 08/116/12 "King Felix!"

How about King Felix!

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Yesterday in front of nearly 22,000 fans at Safeco Field…Felix did something yesterday that no Seattle Mariners pitcher has done before…27 nup, and 27 down…King Felix pitched a perfect game!

This is surely a great moment in Seattle sports history, as it was the first perfect game ever by a Seattle Mariner…based on this…whether it be a sports moment or anything else…what is THE greatest moment in Seattle history? Here are the texts we got:

The greatest moment in seattle history was when courtney love moved away to los angelas.
1979 Seattle Supersonics win the nba championship

Best day in Seattle history? Not quite. Both Edgar's double and the Seahawks in the Supwrbowl are bigger, but this could be the start of something big. –Bjorn

Greatest moment "The Double" by Edgar in '95 to beat the Yankees where Griffey got piled on at home.

The grand reopening of Dreamgirls of course. -the DV

I'm only 17. But i always thought bill nye the science guy was that much cooler for doing his show in seattle.

1991 husky national champs

Come on BJ what about the storms 2 championships

The early nineties is our greatest moment. The rise and fall of the grunge era put us on the map and was one of the most important moments for the entire music industry as well. Just ask the silver sun pickups. We wouldn't have them without the grunge era.

I was watching Sportscenter yesterday, and they interviewed Felix…this interview was AWKWARD! It seems mainly because of the phone issues, but towards the end…you can tell that anchorJohn Anderson wanted to get off the phone ASAP!

Today during our game “Whose iPOD Is It Anyway”, we played songs from Toppy’s iPOD, and one of the songs was completely hilarious! It is a childrens song from Cheech…yes Cheech from Cheech and Chong!

OK…there were 2 strange songs….this one wasn’t funny, more odd and trippy…I’m guessing this was during Toppy’s teen years and acid was involved, it’s by Kraftwerk:

We found out that this song was released on an album put out in 1986, but they recorded the album from 1982-1986…so it took 4 years to come up with “Boing…Boom, Tchuck…Boing…Boom, Tchuck”?

Speaking of music…According to researchers, there are health benefits to listening to your favorite song. One reason is, music reduces activity in a part of your brain called the amygdala…it's the area that regulates negative emotions.

Here are three ways listening to your favorite song is good for your health.

1. It Lowers Your Blood Pressure. Researchers in Italy found that listening to music and breathing slowly for 30 minutes a day lowered people's systolic blood pressure (--the top number) by an average of four points.

2. It Makes You Less Tense. In a separate study, researchers in Seattle found that 30 minutes of music a day lowers your level of the stress hormone cortisol better than just sitting in total silence. Deep breathing while listening to your favorite music reduces anxiety just as much as a massage.

3. It Helps You Deal with Pain. Researchers at the University of Utah gave 143 volunteers ELECTRIC SHOCKS while they listened to music. They found that tuning into a melody made sharp pain easier to take. I can see what they mean with this…anyone who has had a tattoo knows that music helps deal with the pain while being tatted.

So researchers say that listening to your favorite song is good for your health…based on that…what is that ONE song that puts you in a good mood? Here are some of the texts we got…

The song, all American nightmare by Hinder. Just for the part where he says "turn the girl next door into head on heels". Makes me smile cuz Ive been banging my cute neighbor chick for about a month now.

strange but true. margaritaville by jimmy buffet. later. cajun.

Santa Monica by ever clear! Love that song from high school! 95"

Pearl Jam's cover of the Who's Reign on Me. From Matt in Renton

The song Peaches always makes me smile and sing along no matter how bad of a mood I'm in

Warriors call volbeat makes me wanna bounce up and down

Duality by slipknot! Gets you going!

Steal my sunshine by len..... always puts me in a great mood.

Favorite song that puts me in a good mood: hooked on a feeling

Dream on by Aerosmith. Kevin in Everett

Santeria by Sublime. Just puts a smile on my face and reminds me of good times.

Andrew WK- Party Hard. hell ya m/

I used to love her, but I had to kill her by GnR. Scot

The song by Kelly clarkson stronger puts me in a good mood because it's my sisters anthem right now after beating cancer for the 2nd time! And I agree with stp about tattoos and music I got my first 3 months ago in between my shoulder blades for my sister and I listened to music and found songs that made me think of my sister made it easier and less painful

No rain by blind melon baby


hands down G and R Welcome to the jungle gets me in a great mood.

They new tune, Carly Rae Jensen - Call Me Maybe. That s*** crazy

Seek and destroy by metalllica because that was my high school football team motto for defense and we made t shirts for the players and fans to wear for games

For me it boils down to one song…if I am ever in a need of a pick me up, Pearl Jam’s "Present Tense" is the song of choice…the lyrics, Eddie’s voice, and when the drums kick in…everything about it. It’s all about not dwelling on your past mistakes and moving forward:

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08/16/2012 8:46AM
STP's BLOG 08/116/12 "King Felix!"
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