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STP's BLOG 08/12/13 "Chicago Likes To Party"

We are back from our radio convention in Chicago…and I have one thing to say about the Windy City… Chicago likes to party!

 photo 394464B9-E8B6-44CA-9697-489D7E83CA13-7536-0000040A828799D0_zpsa3e1d8da.jpg
Sorry for burning your eyes for this picture…you are probably wondering who that is?  No, it’s not Mr. Chow or even a fellow radio personality showing us their top notch bit they do in their city.  While in Chicago, Vicky…Hot Kyle…Mono Nick…and I were walking the streets after going to Wrigley Field.  While walking  we heard music outside, and decided to check it out….we ended up in Market Days, which was a big Gay Pride festival of sorts.  What an AWESOME time we had at Warket Days.  They had some great food, you could drink in the streets, and some fun music as well.  One of the bands we saw was called “Slap Happy” – they are a cover band, and any band that covers Britney Spears as their singer rocks a Misfits shirt is OK with me!

Like I said, we were at Wrigley Field…there wasn’t a Cubs game, but former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood was having a charity waffle ball game called “Whiffle for a Diffle” – and there were some big celebs there – Bill Murray, CM Punk, Matthew Perry, and more.  It was awesome to check out such a historic ball park!
 photo 59FD3433-9C08-4C1C-B929-2091248A43BB-7536-0000040B0792F72A_zpsb1706a1b.jpg
 photo 261A8B20-9DD8-4AE1-8709-A0DD683766B2-7536-0000040AEC6F7D43_zpsc1e0174a.jpg
Huge thanks to former WWE Diva Lisa Marie (she went by Victoria in the WWE and as Tara in TNA) for hipping us to this charity event, as she was there too! 
Lisa Marie was the true highlight of our trip for me…why?  We got to hang out with her for 2 of the days there.  Lisa owns an awesome restaurant/bar called “The Squared Circle” in Chicago…and yes, it’s a wrestling themed joint!  When we got there, they were showing Smackdown on the TV’s, and there was some really cool wrestling memorabilia on the walls. 

 photo E8FCB230-0FCD-4442-A4F3-40DF29F85889-7536-0000040B5C5816B2_zpscac5754a.jpg
While we were waiting for a table, Lisa comes in and was beyond friendly to everyone there!  She wound up sitting with us and chatted wrestling and comic books for about a half hour…to call her a class act wouldn’t even come close to how great she is. 
 photo 04033016-3F49-48C0-B5E2-E94B31DB904C-7536-0000040B1F5C083A_zpsc9c30485.jpg
Thanks to our bud Paulie from the Brother Wease show in Rochester NY for hanging with us…a great guy from a great show.  Now how was the food?  Unreal.  The burgers were amazing…as was the fries.  We didn’t get the pizza, but we hear it’s awesome too.  Check out Toppy’s burger… The Disturbed Burger: Monterey Jack stuffed & topped, fried bologna, pepper jack potato bites, & JR’s BBQ mustard!

 photo did_zps45e6fb50.jpg
Even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling, you HAVE toi check out The Squared Circle.  It was an awesome dining experience.  Follow them on twitter:  @theSQDcircle  Hell, while we were there, Lisa gave a shout out to the wrasslin’ fans in Seattle!

The actual radio convention was great, we learned a lot…and as a staff, we had some great opportunities to bond…
 photo 41138D23-C3C4-4D84-98CB-EE3C53206B36-7536-0000040BBD85E39D_zps762933c8.jpg
Another great bonding experience was going to the Rainforest Café…now many wonder why we would go there when there are so many Chicago based places we should eat at…my answer can be summed up in three pictures:
 photo 80BD03CE-94FA-47D7-A158-40AD395D871A-7536-0000040A3E15684C_zps279d89ae.jpg
 photo ADEB5027-ED91-41D8-B1C5-E7644961F71D-7536-0000040A5A5B50FA_zps44fc3812.jpg
 photo EF82767B-42D3-4BDB-B33D-98404CDAA76C-8282-000004C00B325317_zps0f31e7ee.jpg
There are so many other great moments, but I’m writing a novel here...all I can say is…Chicago likes to party. 
 photo 394464B9-E8B6-44CA-9697-489D7E83CA13-7536-0000040A828799D0_zpsa3e1d8da.jpg

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08/12/2013 7:15AM
STP's BLOG 08/12/13 "Chicago Likes To Party"
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