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STP's BLOG 08/13/14 "WWE Smackdown!"

So yesterday was awesome for this Wrasslin’ fan!  The morning started off with a great interview with one of my favorite WWE Superstars, Roman Reigns. 
 photo 21DC0306-7771-42C8-94FD-C487161A8993_zpszgv1sr8l.jpg
Roman is quickly becoming a huge star in the world of sports entertainment, and in my opinion he is the future of the WWE (along with a couple others)… BELIEVE THAT!  If you missed our interview with Roman, here is part one…

After the interview I recorded the STP-CAST (listen and subscribe on iTUNES or STITCHER), and a listener named Utchay sat in and watched…plus he surprised me with this awesome sign that he made and was planning on showing off at Smackdown! 
 photo CC2FD476-57C7-4E65-8316-80B0D1881843_zps3hmld96n.jpg

After that was done… I met up with my bud “The Jay Mac”, and we grabbed dinner & drinks at Shawn Kemp’s place in Queen Anne called “OSKARS” – awesome spot, and the bartender ruled! 

 photo 84728C94-D1C6-4CCD-B5F9-BCDB7859A616_zpsqavmx0c8.jpg
We then made it into the Key Arena, and we got to sit RING SIDE! 
 photo 385310FC-6A0D-4099-BFE2-7519096F1383_zpsotvlqha4.jpg
I have been lucky to experience sitting ring side in the past, and it never grows old…I still geek out like a 12 year old as I absolutely love the WWE, and they did not disappoint…Smackdown (and Main Event – they taped that too) was awesome…be sure to watch it on Friday night.  Be sure to look for my bald head…hell… Mark Henry saw me and even pointed at me!  Thanks to @ProperJam for the pic!
 photo 4710B1A1-5004-4548-9CD7-4DFC87724257_zpsfpy6ex9e.jpg

The best part…Utchay was sitting 6 rows behind the announcers…so I think we will see the sign on TV!  You rock Utchay!
 photo AEE67C05-DD8E-4A71-832D-1A6C15D675D7_zps3l9ozw8w.jpg

Here are some pix I took…
 photo 8FB6CBE4-8C28-44F7-B9E0-A0873E4E3803_zps2essjytm.jpg
 photo EAE78D86-061D-4B3C-A70E-ED205CA09D9F_zpsp8fop8bn.jpg
 photo E5F81375-7FBC-4A62-91E1-3500E0A203F2_zpsdyqwthvy.jpg
 photo ECD6B521-3AF8-4996-A7CF-B6B7901CABAF_zpslp0aopiq.jpg
 photo 3DD4F4CC-2D98-4677-B061-6AB3CE68B698_zpssqgbje1x.jpg
 photo FB600A85-7259-47F8-B172-C48FEC1F6044_zpscslrswkc.jpg
 photo 08C6920D-428A-48D3-A485-A78A2A9A229F_zpsbx6pfb8o.jpg
 photo 60742340-A818-4CA5-9BB0-076CD9006F0A_zpsebpbvf9x.jpg
 photo 6B648538-185B-4ACF-9A0B-EDEB5C955043_zpsgzaezbqu.jpg
 photo 9BB8D21A-7C40-40CF-ABEB-309F10830BFB_zpsqjjnjflg.jpg
 photo 44F31862-083B-441F-B48D-CC714B0A0236_zps67vvcz4i.jpg
 photo D14844CC-E0DA-4331-8896-1A9622C26564_zpsu4dw2tye.jpg

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08/13/2014 7:29AM
STP's BLOG 08/13/14 "WWE Smackdown!"
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08/15/2014 6:17AM
funniest show ever!
Ok Steve , I have listened to you since you first started in Seattle, you made me laugh so hard This morning i was tearing up ! What a great way to wake up . Thanks BJ and Steve. You guys are the best..
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