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STP's BLOG 08/15/12 "Fired For Being A Dirty Girl?"

There's talk on the Web that Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel. Supposedly, Universal Studios is re-tooling the concept so that instead of a proper follow-up, they're going to do a spin-off focusing on The Huntsman . . . who was played by Chris Hemsworth in the original. That way they can get rid of Kristen, who messed a lot of things up when she had an affair with the original movie's director, Rupert Sanders. However . . . Universal says they're NOT doing this to get rid of Kristen. Her Snow White character could still appear in the Huntsman movie. Also, Sanders hasn't been ruled out as director.

Based on the rumors that Kristen Stewart might be dropped from the Snow White sequel…finish this sentence… “I can’t believe I lost my job for doing ______”. How have you or someone you know screwed up and lost a job? Here are the texts we received:

Accepting a collect call from an inmate while at work

I got fired for having fun with myself in the bathroom at work. I thought no one was in there and also thought it was my alone time. I was even on break. –Dustin

Got fired for dumping the bosses daughter after Valentine's Day Kenny from Fort Louis

I used to deliver coffee to coffee stands and i got busted having sex with a barista in the back of my delivery truck and got fired because of it

Wishing my job would fire me right now. Give me a promotion that requires alot more responsability and work and they didnt give me a pay increase. How can u ask for more without giving more!?

I got caught having “alone time” in my boss's office but man that bitch was smoking

Lost my job after doing the bosses daughter but it was worth it he was a d bag and it was on his desk. Rock on

Doing blow off owners daughters chest, she got sober and ratted me out!

A website called CareerBliss just put out a list of the 10 unhappiest jobs in America.  The rankings are based on factors including salary, work-life balance, relationship with your boss, work environment, growth opportunities, and company culture.  Here's the top 10:

10.  Maintenance supervisor.
9.  Marketing director.
8.  Director of sales.
7.  Marketing manager.
6.  Program manager.
5.  Product manager.
4.  Sales engineer.
3.  Teacher.
2.  Registered nurse.
1.  Security guard.

Based on the list of the 10 unhappiest jobs in America …Are you unhappy with your job?  Why?  Or…why do you LOVE your job? Here are the texts we received:

Love my job.took today off to go golfing and still getting paid. Suck it trebeck

Love being a milkman!!!! Everyone loves to see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roofing its hot as hell not to happy about it

I have the best job as a gardener. The worst part is getting pet poop on me. Clean up after them people! Thanks joe in port orchard

I LOVE my "job"!! I get to touch people all day long and its legal! Including delicius men! Big Props hair stylists! Woooot! Keep on smokin' ...... Hannah :)

I'm a bank teller. People suck.

I have a love, hate relationship with my job. I love the benefits but hate the hours of being in the army - Nathan, fort Lewis

I'm in Sales for a local distributing company. It sucks most days. Can't make everyone happy.

Someone is always mad at you for some stupid reason. I love the money though!.....Chris in Enumclaw

I'm the prettiest cab driver in aberdeen! I like driving cab... but the pay sucks. I'm only doing it cause my aunt owns the company and she needed some help and I could use the extra cash. Please tip your cab drivers!

I LOVE my job as a corrections officer in prison, because anything I can do to keep the community safe and to help people improve themselves is so rewarding! (and I get to feel like a badass for 8hrs a day! :D) Kelsey- Olympia

A listener of the show, Richard, emailed us about a show happening tonight that if you are able to attend…you should! Here is what he wrote us:

I'm not sure if you all are aware, or might have heard, but the Backstage Bar and Grill in Tacoma is in jeopardy of closing down. I'm not 100% exactly sure of why, what I do know though , is that this will be a MAJOR blow to the Tacoma music scene, as there are not many venues left at all for the Tacoma scene. Hells Kitchen most recently shut down, a lot of people love the BSBG, I'm not involved in promoting the show, booking it or anything else. I'm just obviously a concerned music fan and supporter of the scene

There is a Benefit show being put together TONIGHT at The Backstage Bar & Grill. There is no cover and donations are accepted which will be going directly to the venue to aid in trying to keep it open. Bands on the bill include : Mechanism, Degree of Disorder, Big Fish, SinCircus, Hookerfist (tool tribute) and Magic Carpet Ride (former members of Steppenwolf.) The show begins at 6:00pm

Here is the flyer:


Today's Video Blog is an intern Challenge! Our intern Daron has 60 seconds to find 2 people to give him their autograph...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users!

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08/15/2012 7:48AM
STP's BLOG 08/15/12 "Fired For Being A Dirty Girl?"
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08/15/2012 8:08AM
Bad soldier
A Soldier in my platoon was busted for having sex with a married female. The penalty was, loss in rank, 45 days extra duty, forfeiture of 1/2 months pay, immediately fallowed by a chapter out of the military....... The power of the vagina baby!!!!
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