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STP's BLOG 08/23/12 "Go Blank Yourself!"

This morning we were were talking about Mike Baumgartner, hes a local a U.S. Senate candidate hoping to beat Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell this fall,this guy cracks me up! He was interviewed by a local blogger, Josh Feit (the blog is called Publicola), and Josh brought us a big story these days… Todd Akin and ridiculous comments that Akin made about rape and abortion. Well, Baumgartner apparently didn’t want to talk about that (he did say that Akin’s views are "ignorant" and "offensive"), but he would rather talk about how he wished the media would focus on the war in Afghanistan . later that night after the interview…Feit got an email from Baumgartner that included a picture…the email stated: "Josh, this is Pat Feeks, a Navy SEAL killed last week in Afghanistan. Take a good look and then go F*** yourself." Go “EFF Yourself” – wow…this guy is great! What makes it even better is that when he was intervied about what he wrote to Feit…Baumgartner said that his only regret about all of this was that he failed to stop his staff from later issuing an apology on his behalf. This guy seriously needs to embrace this attitude. I say screw it…his campaign should be this:


He could get all WWE Attitude Era on Cantwell…post flyers around town that say “Hey maria…Mike Baumgartner has 2 words for you…SUCK IT!” OK, maybe I’m going a little too far….we got a text about all of this after I shared my campaign ideas…

Thanks guys! My 3 yr old daughter is now in the backseat yelling "suck it!!"

I texted back to tell the texter I was sorry about that, but the resonse I got was awesome:

No biggie she also yells " wack it!" On wednesdays ;)


Back in 1993, Erica Arsenault of Massachusetts got married to a man named Scott Wolferseder. They got divorced eight years ago after 11 years of marriage, and have two sons together. They didn't publicize why they divorced, they would only say that Erica left Scott. Well . . . last summer, Scott's mother, 73-year-old Dorothy, had kidney failure. Scott's sister posted on Facebook that she was taking Dorothy for dialysis. And Erica saw the post. That's when she decided to apologize for divorcing Scott in a big way . . . by DONATING A KIDNEY to Dorothy. Scott says Erica told him she wanted to give a kidney to his mother, "Because of the hurt she caused not only myself and our boys but the hurt she caused my mom. And this was her way to make it right." The surgery took place July 10th. The transplant took, and Dorothy is doing great.

Based on this, what elaborate thing have you or someone you know done as a way to apologize to someone? Here are some of the texts we received:

Old lady and i got in a fight so i bought her a brand new iPad. Got laid that night! #BLD

I restored my dads car after I stole it and sunk it in a pond 10 years ago

An ex cheated on me after 3 years... She then tattooed my nickname on the back of her neck #bld

I apologize by bringing back the woman I cheated on my wife with so my wife could have sex with her.

I had a friend write an apology to my girlfriend on my back in sunscreen, and then i went out and laid in the sun for 3 hours. Apology accepted.

I apologized to my then ex girlfriend for cheating on her while I was in training in Virginia by asking to marry me. We have been married for a couple years now and we are completely happy

I apologized to my gf of 3 years for getting her pregnant.. she left for work and I put the kid up for adoption...... apology not accepted

An appliance company in the UK recently asked people to pick the top ten status symbols they want in their home, and according to the survey, the ultimate status symbol for your home is . . . a hot tub.

1. Hot tub.
2. Walk-in closet: This was the top choice for WOMEN.
3. Side-by-side refrigerator-freezer. (--They're not common in the U.K., where the study was done. And they call them 'U.S.-style fridges’)
4. A stereo system with speakers in every room: That was top choice for MEN.
5. 3-D television.
6. Sound-activated blinds and lights.
7. Restaurant-style range stove.
8. Fancy coffee maker.
9. Temperature-controlled wine cellar.
10. Gas grill.

A new study says that the ultimate status symbol for your home is . . . a hot tub…what is something you own that you consider YOUR ultimate status symbol? Or what is something that you wished you owned for your home? Here are the texts we got:

I have a theater I built. This is the real deal. 12 foot hd screen with Bose 5.1 surround. The room is 25 x 20 with 17 ft ceilings. Great fun and my kids have movie parties.

Stephen, Sammamish: wish more than anything, I had a tennis court in my back yard.

Good morning everyone! It's Jocelyn. Hope you're all doing well. My ultimate status symbol is my Citizen Dick T-shirt. Love it!

I have a professionally painted 2011 Camaro done by Mike LaValee and a 52" 3-D TV but would love a new yard that is done and maintained. Definitely my biggest want for my house right now. Angel, Snohomish

The mirror on the wall of the bedroom the misses loves it

I have a hot tub, a boat, a snowmobile and a 30 ft travel trailer. I'm super outdoorsy. People are always surprised. Phoenix in Covington.

We are installing an inclined 3 row theater room with leather reclining chairs in the house now. Epicness. U guys are welcome anytime, except toppy he scares my girl, lol

My huge gun safe. Its fully stocked in preparation of the zombie apocalypse! F yea

I think a deck with a built in brick barbicue is the ultimate status symbol.

I own a kegerator. That makes my place beer central.

Jack n coke slushy machine!

Ive built a brewery and am currently building a bar in an out building next to my house I'm putting a HD projector and surround system in it

My NBA jam tournament edition arcade machine, boomshakalaka

My own personal music recording studio

Today's Video Blog features performers from The Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus Spectacular - "Barnum Bash". Thanks to Ihosvanys Perez, Virginia Tuells, and Olga Surmina for joining us. For dates and times for an upcoming show near you (they are coming to Kent & Everett) go to

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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08/23/2012 8:47AM
STP's BLOG 08/23/12 "Go Blank Yourself!"
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