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STP's BLOG 08/26/14 "Vicky's Breaking The Rules"

Ahhh … you gotta love the text line here at work.  If you are having a good day, there will always be that one “kind soul” that will make that day even brighter.  When I say that, what I really mean is that there is always that one jack-knob that will crap on your day.  I present to you today’s example:
 photo textoftheday_zps10032838.jpg
So one of the big rules in radio…that we ALL break…is to never…EVER…eat or drink near the equipment.  Well…this morning while we were on the air…Vicky learned a valuable lesson!
 photo 70F45C7A-C2E1-469B-A74D-5B93A0AFD61F_zpsi38vyklj.jpg
 photo E7CD2E4E-4E63-4499-9873-9147D642E3EF_zpsu1jti7bd.jpg
She even got it on her dress…which I said looks like a “Monica Lewinsky” style dress.
 photo 76AB72D8-3140-4EC8-99E1-31B84FD783D5_zpsye0zsxzi.jpg

This morning at around 5:50 AM…a new Buckcherry song popped on our airwaves.  It’s a cover of the Icona Pop’s hit song “I Love It”…and Toppy & I were “lovin’ it”.


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08/26/2014 8:19AM
STP's BLOG 08/26/14 "Vicky's Breaking The Rules"
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08/26/2014 1:42PM
Dang and Daaaaaaaaaang girl!
The two easiest things to spread ( don't worry, i'll keep it clean) are happiness and grumpiness. Sometimes the only way to get rid of a bad mood is to give it to someone else. At least you guys don't typically let it affect you. Vicky B is rocking that dress! Keep up the good work. Toppy and STP, you guys keep rockin! A loyal TD. Stay positive and suck it
08/27/2014 7:19AM
Mork or Spock..?
Are her finger's allway's throwing the Spock..sign...?
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