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STP's BLOG 08/27/12 "Russell-Mania"

So I am not a sports genius, I don’t obsess over stats etc…but I am a fan of football. I love watching football. And on Friday I officially became excited for this upcoming season for the Hawks. I watched the future star of the Seahawks, Russell Wilson, light up the Kansas City Chiefs 44-14. I know it’s preseason, and I’m coming from a place as a fan…but I was all about Matt Flynn being the starter, and after watching “Russell-Mania” run wild in the pre season, how can you not be excited about this kid: 35 of 52 for 464 yards in 3 pre-season games…5 TD’s, and a 119.4 QB rating, which is the best in the league. For those that feel bad for Flynn…I’m sorry, but I don’t feel one bit bad for him…he has a 19 million dollar contract, 10 million guaranteed, and his woman is Miss Louisiana 2009…oh, and he has the best seats in Century Link field to watch our Hawks (hopefully) dominate the NFC West! Get used to seeing this guy leading the hawks for years to come…”Russell-Mania” running wild!

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Over the weekend I got to do something the is a huge obsession for Mono-Nick…Disc Golf. He has been passionate about it for quite some time now…and our tattoo artist, Tony Mitchell, is a big fan too. I was heading to Tony’s shop – Tony’s Tried and True Tattoo in Port Orchard, and he texted me to see if I wanted to try Disc Golf before we start…I said sure, and I am glad I did…what a blast! Granted I sucked…but I had a moment of decent play, and all in all I get the passion for the sport. After we played 9 “holes” …we went to his shop, and got closer to completeing my sleeve on my left arm…we did this on the upper arm:

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Whenever I post pix, people ask how to get more info…you can do so by going here:

It turns out a lot of us still have irrational superstitions that make us avoid flying on Friday the 13th. found that flights departing on a Friday the 13th are 20% cheaper than on other dates, because of so much less demand. And a survey last year found people have OTHER flying superstitions too.  12% of people say a prayer before they fly, 9% HAVE to touch the plane before they get on, and 7% bring a good luck charm along. Unfortunately . . . or fortunately, depending on how superstitious you are . . . there isn't another Friday the 13th until September of next year.
Thanks to Superstition, you can fly for a huge discount on Friday the 13th…based on this…what is your superstition?  Here are the texts we got:

I'm like Steve. I walk under ladders, spill salt, break mirrors, and let my girlfriend's black cat walk in my path. Living life on the edge.

don't know why but i knock on my steering wheel when i see a car pulled over with a flat tire or something. Kind of like knocking on wood

Me and my dad make my mom leave when the seahawks are playing because when she does we win!!

I don't cut my fingernails, or whistle, at night. It's a Filipino superstition.

I kiss my fingertips (like when you're going to blow kiss) and then tap the plane as I enter. So I'm one that 9%!

I do touch the plane before i fly! I didnt know other people did that too! I usually kiss my finger tips and touch the side upon entering and say its gonna be a good flight

I won't talk about projects I have auditioned for until I hear if I booked it or not. Afraid I will jinx it. –Bjorn

Wow...didnt know others did it. I touch every plane b4 I get on. Usually just brush the door frame as I enter. Hope is if somethings going to go wrong youll get a sign from touching the plane.

Gramma Genie tought me at a very young age that if I find a penny on the ground to put it in my left shoe for luck . . . To this day I will look like a fool but I'm picking that penny up and it goes in my shoe. Rock on guys!

Today's Video Blog features our bud Craig Gass...Craig is at Dave's f Milton this weekend taping his first comedy album! Go to for details on the show. In this clip, he shares a story about Tracy Morgan that was too "hot" for the'll get to hear what didn't make it on the air!

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08/27/2012 8:52AM
STP's BLOG 08/27/12 "Russell-Mania"
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