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STP's BLOG 08/28/12 "The 12th Pup!"

Yesterday I shared how excited I am for the Hawks season…well, I am not the only one in my household that’s excited…after a visit to Petsmart, Lulu decided to show off that she is the 12TH Pup!

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After posting this picture on Facebook…I got this comment:

Julius -- That is bad ass! Lulu should raise the 12th man flag!

In the last week, we have come across three stories of public figures saving people’s lives.
PRINCE WILLIAM and his Royal Air Force Search and Rescue team saved a drowning girl off the coast of Wales a little over a week ago. The 16-year-old girl and her 13-year-old friend were body-boarding when they got caught in a riptide and dragged out to sea. The younger girl was rescued by a surfer, but the older girl swallowed water and was slowly going under. Prince William's team had just landed its helicopter after completing routine exercises, so they were able to jump right back in and get there in just 38 seconds.

A couple weeks ago, actor THOMAS HADEN CHURCH was eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles when a man at another table started choking. Church rushed over and performed the Heimlich, saving the guy's life.

56-year-old Jim Joyce is an umpire in the Major Leagues. He's the guy who missed a call two years ago and cost a pitcher a perfect game. Last week, he was getting ready to work a game between the Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix, when a stadium employee had a seizure and collapsed. Jim remembered his high-school CPR course . . . and got the woman breathing again and saved her life.

Based on these stories of people saving someone’s life…when have you saved someone’s life? Of when did someone save your life? Here are the texts we received….

My wife pulled me out of our car before it exploded in our roll over accident. Jon in Redmond

Our neighbor overdosed on heroin, my dad and I ran over there and did CPR and got his heart beating again. saved his life, right after he got out of the hospital he started shooting up again.

In 8th grade a girl fell off a tall ladder and I caught her. She would have landed right on her head on the cement... years later, this got me laid with her.... –G

I saved 6 people from a powerful riptide at Pismo Beach when I was 16. Got a mayoral commendation for it. - nick in oak harbor

I saved my son's life when he was 3 . he was sitting at the breakfast table eatin a piece of bacon he didn't chew it up enough and tried swallowing it . he began to choke because he couldn't breathe. I had to stand him up in the chair and give him the Heimlich to get it out . he's 11 years old now and still loves bacon

Two years ago i saved the life of a burglar by not pulling my trigger! I called the police instead

My dad saved me from drowning in lake chelan when i was about 4. He just passed away in may after a 13 year battle with lymphoma. What a great memory i have of him being a superhero!!

My husband credits me with saving his life when he showed me his "angry" testicle and I freaked out. I sent him to the doctor the next day and because of that the cancer was caught in time.

Today's Video Blog features part 2 of our chat with our bud Craig Gass (part 2)...Craig is at Dave's of Milton this weekend taping his first comedy album!  Go to for details on the show.

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08/28/2012 9:53AM
STP's BLOG 08/28/12 "The 12th Pup!"
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