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STP's BLOG 08/29/13 "Whale Call!"

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with this audio of a girl that left a voicemail for what sounds like an ex-boyfriend.  The audio is priceless because when she cries, she sounds like a whale!  Well, if you missed it…this morning we uncovered more audio…and we now know who she was calling:

Big thanks to everyone that swung by Trappers Sushi in Bonney Lake and Puyallup to pay tribute to Adrian, one of their sushi chefs who sadly died while rock climbing.  I was at the Puyallup location, and it was extremely powerful to see a packed Trappers…there was a lot of love in the room for Adrian, a young man who obviously touched many people in the 20 years on this planet.
Yesterday we talked about that woman in Seattle was supposed to meet a guy for a date on Sunday, but her car broke down.  It led to a great topic the date was a date from hell!  He reacted to her not going on the date  by sticking a KNIFE into the side of her house . . . and threatening to defecate on her COUCH.  Wow!
Based on this crazy story…When did you realize there wouldn’t be another date?  Here are some texts we got:

I knew there wouldn't be a second date when she said she was into she was looking my best friend up and down like he was a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Cookie....later bytch.... Lone Wolf

When she took me to a strip club to see her daughter dance

She was shaking when we kissed on the first date...after that I was a little freaked out then she starts texting me at random times in the night...Nah! I was over it...amateur hour

I had a guy invite me to his AA meeting for date #2 as he showed me his AA coins for a job well done. There was no date #2.

Girl pee'd on, yes ON my tv. Then she blamed it on my dog... I saw the whole thing and promptly kicked her out...bitches be crazy

My brother hooked me up with a blind date. At dinner she wouldn't stop texting her ex... I left and made her pay!!

She kept getting calls from her drug dealer while we were at the movies

On the 2nd date the girl introduced me to her kids and said "meet Ur new daddy"- nik from doofers

I knew there wouldn't be a 2nd date when she brought her therapist over the next day. ~Mandi

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08/29/2013 7:40AM
STP's BLOG 08/29/13 "Whale Call!"
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