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STP's BLOG 09/04/12 "Double Double!"

We are back for an extended Labor Day Weekend…while we were off, BJ went to Cali and did something I am very jealous of…he went to In N’ Out Burger…

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Now, I had some fun too…I got to go to the final pre-season game for the Hawks…thanks to my buddy Todd for the tix! The highlight was the reaction the crowd gave to Russell Wilson when he came out of the tunnel as the team's starting QB. Judging by the fan response…people seem 100% fine with him being named the starter.

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Besides going to a Hawks game, my wife and I enjoyed Point Defiance…we went on the 5 mile drive…checked out the sites, the off leash park, and Owen Beach…it was a great time….looking at this pic, it seems like Lulu had fun on the drive too!

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Although…as much fun as we had this weekend…I wish we were in Philadelpia, as Pearl Jam played a show and Jay Z jumped up on stage with them as they did a version of his song, “99 Problems”. Check it out:

While on vacation, it wasn’t all about eating double doubles for BJ…he hit an old guy’s car door with his car door, and the guy BITCHED him out...Hilarious! Based on this...when have you bitched someone out, or when did someone bitch you out? Here are some of the texts we received:

I felt like a 2" tall ass when I asked a lady 'when she was due'... she informed me she was not prego. Oops. Gman drew

Bitched out for wearing my dress whites onto a college campus by a couple students who hated the military. Got spit on once too. Silly children. -the DV

Im a truck driver in downtown seattle and I bitch out the taxi drivers and bus drivers on a daily basis!!! These guys drive like f'ing idiots!!! Cody from Tacoma

I was bitched out by a customer when I brought out the wrong food to her table. I quickly corrected it and spit in her food!

Got bitched out by someone behind me in line for telling a store clerk to have a good holiday instead of Merry Christmas. –Bjorn

The website Guyism recently made a list of things women love that men just don’t get. According to the article, quote, “women have a whole set of other interests that we'll never fully understand, given the depth and complexity of it's powerful grasp on the female psyche.” They gave 7 examples…

7. Shopping at the Mall -- women brave this scene time and again in the pursuit of finding good outfits and sweet accessories.

6. Shoes -- a few pairs isn't enough, no, they need to have one for every occasion.

5. Flowers -- they're aesthetically appealing and symbolic of love.

4. Chocolate -- Loads of men enjoy chocolate, but for some reason it can drive women crazy.

3. Celebrities' Lives -- What is it about famous people that's so mesmerizing to women?

2. Singing/Dancing -- So many women love the idea of someone bursting into song and dance to convey their emotions.

1. Salads -- Lots of people think a salad is healthy just because it has some greens in it, but that's not always the case.

Based on this…what is something that the opposite sex loves, that YOU just don’t get? Here are the texts we got:

My husband loves fishing. I dont understand the appeal of standing waist deep in cold water throwing lines with smelly bait.

Easily cuddling or sleeping together. To be honest if me and the girl have great sexual chemistry I will cuddle all night but a lot of dudes can't stand that.

Bullcrap late night "feelings" talks

Nick from girl is obsessed with celebs. shes always on the e channel and e online. funny thing is she hates drama in her life but always checks on their crap

Xavier in Edmonds- those stupid bride and wedding dress shows my wife and daughters watch
Going to the bathroom together

concert shirts. $40 for a shirt that is probably online for $20?

My hubby and video games!! I don't get it.

My boyfriend loves heavy metal music. And I don't get it. It is so angry! Why are they so mad!?

Stuffed animals...............really? Wth...

The 50 shades of grey!!! from james in Tacoma

I'm a 250 pound gay man, but women think that I want to gossip & be their best friend. They get REAL offended when I don't want to listen 2 their pie hole. Kirk

Today's Video Blog features BJ trying something for the first time ever... 5-Hour Energy!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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09/04/2012 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 09/04/12 "Double Double!"
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