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STP's BLOG 09/04/13 "Playing Poker With McCain"

Yesterday I mentioned how I had the privilege to play with my buddy Jeff Rouse’s band, The Guessing Game, at the KISW Covers For Cancer benefit show.  We covered The Ramones “I Believe In Miracles”,  we never practiced it…hell that moment on stage was the first time that I ever jammed with him or his bandmates…and it was an awesome experience.  Big thanks to Rita for filming it and posting the video on Facebook!

John McCain was caught playing poker on his iPHONE during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing...he was playing Poker!  How funny is that.  I love what he tweeted about it too…

 photo FF8E9103-E45B-4073-A8CC-D02274BE18F1-15611-00000B5656288E4F_zps1d3b404d.jpg
You know he's not the first politician to play poker...remember Bill Clinton?  Get it? Poker? POKE HER? Lewinsky?  Waka Waka

Based on this...When were you caught doing something you shouldn't be doing?  Or...when did you catch someone doing something that they shouldn't be doing?  Here are some texts we got:
Caught a patient drinking hand sanitizer when they were supposed to be detoxing from alcohol.
'mom' caught me eating peanut butter with 'dad' -LuLu D'Producer
Caught my brother masterbating

I got caught on prom night beating them cakes on the parents bed and the parents were the ones that caught me. They had a hard time opening the door so by the time they got it open everyone from the party was at the door. I got caught with pants down around my ankles. -nick from Covington

I caught my little brother trying to impregnate our couch....never sat in that couch again

Had a co worker send me a screen shot of an error they were getting on their computer. Needless to say they didn't close there browser before sending. Several of the tabs were porn sites.

Got caught by daughter and her best friend having some alone time with a video
Caught doing lines in the break room at work by bosses son! Instead of ratting me out he demanded some and that was that. Never spoke of n boss still dont know!

There was a great discussion online yesterday on Reddit  that asked people to name their BIGGEST LETDOWN after they finally became an adult.  Here's the top eight . . .

1.  You have to pay for EVERYTHING . . . even the stuff you didn't know about, like insurance.

2.  You miss having an entire summer vacation.

3.  Just because you have a salary doesn't mean you have a ton of money to spare.  You can't just throw a thousand dollars around without thinking about it.

4.  You don't stop having pimples.

5.  You don't automatically become wise, mature, or rational.

6.  Having your own house isn't as cool as it sounds.  The buying process is horrible, things are constantly breaking, and the whole thing costs a fortune.

7.  Even though you can buy and eat anything you want, you feel sick and get chubby if you eat a whole box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch every day.

8.  You realize how much your parents did for you, what an INGRATE you were . . . and no matter what you do now, you can't fully make up for it.

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge...Our intern Nick has 60 seconds to find someone to blow up a balloon for him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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09/04/2013 7:41AM
STP's BLOG 09/04/13 "Playing Poker With McCain"
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