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STP's BLOG 09/05/13 "Sleep Texting?"

This is easily the story of the day…. A guy decides to rob a convenience store…he demands money and then cuts himself.  The police arrive…and his reason for needing money is epic.  According to the court records…he was hanging out with Mickey Mouse prior to the incident and, “Mickey told the defendant to get some money so he could get high with Pluto. The defendant claimed that Pluto was biting his leg during the entire incident. The defendant asked the officers if they saw Pluto.”

This might come as a surprise, but the guy was high on methamphetamine.

Read the whole story here:
Have you heard about this phenominom called “Sleep Texting” – it’s happening, and I believe it…hell there have been times I have replied to texts or emails on my phone while asleep…and I don’t even remember doing it.  Dr. Lina Fine is a sleep neurologist at Swedish Medical Center, and she says that using a phone or computer before bed can keep your mind from relaxing…and it can lead to you texting an ex, or sending a mean text to your boss!  How crazy is that.  Fine said it is best to stop looking at television, computer, or phone screens an hour or two before you go to sleep.  Read all about it here:

More and more people are “sleep texting” – what about you?  When have you or someone you know done something odd while sleeping?  Here are the texts we got:
I take ambien. My son has woke me up while i was taking straight shots of rum in my kitchen at 3 in the morning.
Used my ex's dog earn as a urinal!
Had an ex that would instigate sex in the middle of the night and still be sound asleep. Would wake her up but she still wanted to keep going
As a kid I would sleepwalk and go outside and ride my bicycle
I always have the best sex with my wife in my sleep. She thanks me the next day telling me about some elaborate sex fest that i have no memory of. I get jealous of how good my sleep self is.
I work for a construction company and texted to one of my pipe suppliers saying hay babe lets get it on

Today's video blog features us trying to do things that were on a Reddit discussion about the easy things that people can't do.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people…

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09/05/2013 7:37AM
STP's BLOG 09/05/13 "Sleep Texting?"
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