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STP's BLOG 09/05/12 "Michelle"

Yesterday was the Democratic National Convention …personally I don’t care, but there was something entertaining that happened while there…Kal Penn (Kumar from "Harold and Kumar") hosted it…which isn’t as crazy as you might think as Kal once worked for Obama's administration. While hosting, Kal made a joke about Clint Eastwood's chair bit.

The one thing both BJ & I took from this joke…he said that Obama was “cool with us getting gay married”…does that mean that Kal is gay? I didn’t realize that…that could make for an interesting new “Harold & Kumar” film…”Harold gets randy With Kumar” …hell, the cameo from Neil Patrick Harris could take an interesting turn as well!

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The one issue that I have with the DNC, is that thanks to it…my Facebook news feed was inundated with political posts from people. Seriously…just stop. Stop it. No one is impressed by your political posts, it’s just annoying, and you aren’t enlightening anyone with what you know…just inducing a few rolled eyes. I love that a bunch of people had to comment on First lady, Michelle Obama’s speech…apparently she had a powerful speech…which led to multiple people on Facebook posting just this:


Michelle? Wow…what a profound statement! You are truly flexing your political beliefs right there. Come on Facebook people…your one word status update is so remarkable. How soon until we get back to pictures of your lunch or better yet, your feet in the sand?

According to a new survey, these are the most popular ways people have vandalized a car after a relationship goes bad.

1. Keying the car or otherwise destroying the paint.
2. Letting the air out of the tires.
3. Smashing windows.
4. Slashing the tires.
5. Leaving messages in the dirt on the car windows.

Based on this…how did you or someone you know get revenge? It doesn’t have to be because of cheating…it could be for any reason!I drained the oil from my ex cheating wife's car. Awesome! Here are the texts we got:

Girl slashed my tires on my c6 z06 corvette. Cost me 2100 bucks

Growing up in an affluent part of Bellingham, it came as a bit of a shock to wake up one morning to see "BITCH" spray painted on a neighbor's garage door

My ex wife took my car to the junkyard while I was in Iraq, parked it in the lot, took a sledge hammer to it, then sold it to the junkyard

The bitch keyed my truck but ha ha jokes on her it was jail or new paint....., love my new paint job after she paid $5000 for it to be fixed # BLD.....

My ex boyfriend cheated on me so after we broke up I dmped about 10 pounds of dog crap on his front step

Got my cheating whore back by nailing her mom and sister!!! Best part is she doesnt know i banged them!! Damn cheating whores!!!!

I let all my friends look at all the naked pictures I took of her...there were some really dirty ones too.

Peoples opinion of her deff changed after that....that's what she got for leaving me for a stupid frat boy haha

In a new survey, 79% of single women say they'd have a SERIOUS PROBLEM dating a man who makes less money than they do. 59% say they'd have a problem dating someone who didn't have their same level of education. And a lot of them would end things even if everything else about the guy seemed GREAT.  24% of women said they'd probably stop dating a guy immediately if they found out he made less money.  9% would DEFINITELY stop dating him right away. Men are much less concerned about what a woman makes.  68% of men said they don't care how much money a woman makes and only 47% said they care about dating a woman who had their same level of education.

Based on this…finish this sentence:  “I would have a serious problem dating _____.” Here are the texts we got:

STP or toppy

A man child....a guy who is 27 and acts like a 12 year old Mylee in Lakewood

I would have a serious problem being with a chick that isn't nerdy. I'm a huge geek and it would never work if she wasn't one too. –Bjorn

I would have a hard time dating an only child.

I would have a problem dating a girl who acts like shes still in high school. No drama plz

I wouldn't date a woman taller than me. -Isaac

I would have a serious problem dating a drug dealer. Or a Mormon. They are tied for first –Lynette

Ace in Gig Harbor: I would have trouble dating a feminist, I shouldn't have to be subjugated to all that crap just to get some.

I would have a serious problem dating a girl with self esteem issues or makes the duck face ever in there life

I would have a hard time dating Rev. Non stop flatulence is a dealbreaker!! & u know he gives his girlfriend the "dutch oven". =^)

If she's bad in the sack complete deal breaker jake of port orchard

Today's video blog is an intern challenge. Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to find a stranger to tickle him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE user:

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09/05/2012 7:48AM
STP's BLOG 09/05/12 "Michelle"
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09/05/2012 1:05PM
My ex-friend decided she wanted revenge on her boyfriend once he broke up with her. She managed to keep sleeping with him, and planned a pregnancy. He's an idiot too for that. But she went further...she also cut the plugs off of his electronics. He wasn't terribly happy. And once she did manage the pregnancy, he moved back in and decided to stay. Now they are both miserable with a 16 month old. Brilliant! There's a few reasons we are "ex-friends"...mainly due to the fact that she is psycho. And I had told her how I felt about the way she went about doing things. She tried to get revenge on me. Luckily, I had the law on my side. I wish more people just had common sense.
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