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STP's BLOG 09/06/12 "Let's Go Mariners!"

I have to thank all the Rock-A-Holics that have stepped up and showed their support for our silly podcast we do on Tuesdays…the STP-CAST. I call it silly because it is…we share odd stories in our life, challenge each other to eat or do strange things (for example: hot sauce on a Peanut Butter Cup, Squeeze Eazy Cheese in our mouths ‘til it pops, or put Icy Hot on our boys)…or we have high brow debates about whether it would be better to have penis fingers or vagina ears! This morning we checked out the standings for KING 5’s Best Of Western Washington, and our podcast is sitting at the top…check it out:

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Granted I doubt we will stay there, but hell…last year we finished at #4 and never hit the #1 spot during the voting process…and amongst the company we are in, I am honored that they have to lok at our ass…even if it’s just for a minute.

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You too can vote here:

I think this video best explains the magic of the STP-CAST!

Last night BJ took all of out to Safeco Field for a great night out at a Mariners game. While there…BJ, Nick, and I discovered a cool spot that many of you have known about for a while…it’s called The ‘Pen…it’s right by the bullpen, and there are awesome places to eat, discounted beer before the game, plus…while you are hanging, you have this great view:

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The seats we had were awesome…20 rows back!

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Yes the Mariners won…but for me…the highlight was a simple one…I got to grab a cold beer, and eat a jumbo soft pretzel…life is good!

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If you were watching the game…you might have caught some of us on TV…thanks to Melissa L. for sending this to Vicky:

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An interesting story came out from GQ about the codenames that politicians use with the Secret Service for this election year. Some of the names are based on an interest that the politician has. Here's the list of codenames in this election:

--President Obama is "Renegade." Michelle is "Renaissance." Malia is "Radiance" and Sasha is "Rosebud."

--Joe Biden is "Celtic." Jill Biden is "Capri."

--Mitt Romney is "Javelin." GQ speculates that he picked this name after a car his father's company once manufactured. Ann Romney's has not been revealed yet.

--And finally, Paul Ryan is "Bowhunter," Ryan picked it because of his favorite hobby, as he is a skilled archer, a hunter of deer and animal, and an aficionado of the sport. Janna Ryan is "Buttercup."

A Secret Service spokesman declined to comment, although the Service has said in the past that the publication of code names does not risk their security because all radio communication is now encrypted.

I like the republican choices…I like how they attach their name to an interest they have. I would do that. Since I play drums, I could be called “Skin-Beater”…or since I play hockey, they could call me “The Pucker.” This got us thinking, and we asked the Rock-A-Holics…if you could create your own codename based on your interest, what would it be, and why? Here are the texts:

Flesh sword, that's my real nick name used for my ammeter mma fights. I currently am 4-3.. Nobody wants to lose to the flesh swordKyle, Sequim

Transistor, for circuitry

Jason in Roy, I would be gear head, because of my love of anything mechanical.

People started calling me "Vesuvius", because my company name is "Vesuvius Vapors". I make and sell custom electronic cigs.

my codename would be pipelayer! brian in Everett

The Rock-A-Holics also chimed in on what they thought BJ’s code name should be:

Bjs codename should be magic man

For BJ - Oscar (the grouch)

BJ= Crusty the Clown

BJ could go by bird....ha ha ha -amanda Lynnwood

Ridgeway should be bl's code name

Bj your code name should be El Diablo which is Spanish for a fighting chicken!

According to a new survey, TWO-THIRDS of people say they have at least one unfinished do-it-yourself project in their house. The average person gets back to their unfinished projects after about SIX MONTHS off. But 16% say they've had one last up to three years unfinished.

What about you? What is your unfinished project? Or what is some you knows unfinished project? Here are the texts we got:

My father in law has a really nice fireplace he's been putting off finishing for about 8 years

My dad began a basement when i was young, im 26 now and he got cancer and died with it unfinished

When I was a kid it took my dad six years just finished our small bathroom, add a good four years to finish the spare

I work 80+ hours a week. I have no time these days for any projects. I've been selling off all my toys, because I just don't have time. I had 3 project cars.

In 1995 my friends dad started building a deck on the front of the house. He got the framing done and when they moved out this last year that's as far as he got

The wedding album. 18 years and it is still in a box.

My unfinished project is my car. Ill get half way finished with one thing, just to start another thing. Well now my car looks cool from the outside, but on the inside its a torn apart electrical disaster... Dammit #firstworldproblems... >>>>>> Trev O in renton

My uncle got his house when his son was 3 (fixer upoer). that's same year he started working on the basement. Well now my cousin is 18 and my uncle is still workin on it!

Today's video blog features us having fun at the M's game...last night at the Mariners game, BJ was jamming to a NW classic song!

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09/06/2012 7:24AM
STP's BLOG 09/06/12 "Let's Go Mariners!"
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