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STP's BLOG 09/06/13 "Pain In The Grass is Here!"

So we are one foot out the door today, as we are off to the Gorge for Pain In The Grass.  I cannot wait! We got this text:
Steve this is for listeners on the loose what acts are all you guys looking forward to the most at pain in the grass?
Coheed and Cambria… man I am loving their last 2 records which are pretty much like a double record as they tie together:  The Afterman (Ascension and Decension).  These are a couple of my favorite songs:

Baroness…this is a band that I have been digging a lot recently…I love their latest record, and this is my jam!

Avenged Sevenfold!  Their new record, “Hail To The King” is an amazing record…every song is great…I think this might be that album that propels them to superstardom…hell, their disc debuted at #1 on the charts so it’s looking like people agree!

Alice In Chains…do I need to explain why?  These guys never disappoint.  Great new video for their song “Voices”:

On the local stage…of course I’m stoked to see Windowpane…I love these guys…be sure to check em out!

It’s been forever since I have seen jane’s Addiction…something about seeing them at the Gorge is really exciting to me…I might lose my “ess” when they start the bass line to “Three Days”…one of the most epic songs ever written!

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09/06/2013 8:17AM
STP's BLOG 09/06/13 "Pain In The Grass is Here!"
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09/09/2013 9:51AM
Pain in the grass
Aloha thanks for letting me enjoy that totally awesome time at the gorge with all of you. Until next time Katy
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