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STP's BLOG 09/10/12 "Hawks, Zombies, and Lightsabers!"

Ugh Hawks! What a heartbreaker of a game…BUT…and I wrote but in caps for a reason…it’s only game one. So for those of you that are already posting of Facebook and Twitter that Matt Flynn should take over for week 2…you are Flynn-sane! Seriously! Look…did Wilson have some mistakes? Yes. But his mistakes were not of the level to cost him the starting job…he was shaky at times, but showed poise and even had moments of brilliance during the game. That TD pass to Sidney Rice was sick…and his drive at the end was something we would have not seen with T-Jack last year. I’m still all about Russell-Mania…not to mention if Braylon Edwards would have caught that pass that was in his HANDS…none of us would even be debating this issue. The wide receivers need to step up and make the tough catches…is T.O. still available? I kid, but seriously the receivers have to make the big plays.

Besides the Hawks losing, we all seemed to have a fun weekend. On Saturday…we celebrated my brothers birthday…my wife and I took him to have a great dinner at Toscanos and then headed to maris Farms in Buckley and had the best night ever!

We go to Maris Farms every year to get pumpkins, I love their corn maze…and their Hauted Corn Maze/Woods as well…they always do it up big over there…and on Saturday we got a preview of what they have planned this year…and it’s going to be AWESOME! First off we did a tour of the Haunted Corn Maze, and the woods…and got a pic in front of the dentist “scene”…I’m thinking this should be our Christmas card:

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After that tour, we got to check out their newest feature…the “Monster Safari”…they have 6 school buses for this…where they gutted out the buses…made long benches on each side, and in front of where everyone sits (facing out), there is an actual paint ball gun! They drive you through the woods where you confront zombies, and you get to SHOOT them with paintballs! Glow in the dark paint balls. Check out the bus:

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I went to their website, and read their description of this…

A 1/2-mile ride through the woods inside a blacked out school bus that’s custom designed and mounted with 40 paintball guns to help you shoot your way back to civilization, lest you become one of the walking dead that lurks the trails. This is survival shooting to the absolute max with an army of zombies to keep you entertained and on your toes. Watch out, these buses and their guns have been known to breakdown at the absolute worst times!

I honestly had the most fun doing this…after it was over, the entire bus erupted into applause and screams…it was that much fun!

Also this weekend, my pup Lulu got to check out the radio station…this was a very exciting time for her as she got to pretend that she was on the air…

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She got to check out the great view on our deck…

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Which led to me snapping this sweet pic…

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I wasn’t the only once having fun this weekend…Vicky B. celebrated her birthday on Saturday…unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but a bunch of the guys from the show were there. Toppy texted me this pic…at some point Vicky & her brother got into a light saber fight:

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They weren’t they only ones that engaged in battlke…BJ & his wife did too!

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Last week I brought up a story about how a Pierce County family wants a middle school teacher fired after their son was picked on in the teacher's classroom by students and the teacher. The video is messed up…it shows their kid being messed with (taunting, wedgies, tape on his mouth, etc) for at least 15 minutes. His parents, Randy and Karla Kinney went before the Peninsula School District board last Thursday, and said their son had been struggling with bullying issues before this incident. While speaking in front of the board, Randy, the kid’s father, stated that he regrets the advice he gave his kid when he said: “What a bully wants is reaction from a child. Put on a strong face, Son, no matter hard it hurts don’t cry or it will only magnify the situation.”
Based on this story…What advice would you give to your kid about bullying? What advice have you given? What advice was given to you? Here are some of the texts:

Now that there is such a stigma attached with the term "bully" I've advised my six year old to respond to bullying by saying "So, you're a bully. I hope you feel good about yourself" and walk off and let an adult know.

We tell our kids its easier to ask forgivness than it is permission...someone is pickin on u...take em out

I tell my kids what my dad told me and it worked for me....get in a fight...walk away...2nd time walk away....3rd time...finish it n walk away:-​)

I was always told to suck it up, but defend myself, and NEVER swing first.

My daughter was bullied at school for a few days. I taught her what I learned in the military of mix martial arts and simple, effective ways to take a person out. Making them wish they never bothered you in the first place. One month later I get a call from the school saying I need to come in. My 7 year old took out two 9 year old kids. And to this day her and I train with MMA. I'll support her always. Matt from JBLM

Every time i'e dealt with a bully, i stood my ground and said "you don't wanna do this." they knew i wouldn't back down and backed off.

A new survey found the average person feels embarrassed four times a DAY… That's 1,460 times a year. The most common thing that embarrasses us is forgetting someone's name when you're introducing them. That's followed by tripping in public .

Here are the top 10 ways . . .

1. Forgetting someone's name when you're introducing them.
2. Tripping in public.
3. Getting someone's name wrong.
4. Getting food stains or splashes on your shirt.
5. Waving at someone and they don't see it.
6. Having food stuck in your teeth.
7. Thinking someone's waving at you when they're not.
8. Being late.
9. Forgetting where you parked.
10. Burping accidentally.
11. Getting lost
12. Having sweat patches
13. Snorting while laughing
14. Flies/ trouser zip being undone
15. Swallowing food the wrong way
16. Talking about someone not knowing they’re in earshot
17. Accidentally texting the wrong person
18. Dropping things in shop/supermarket
19. Someone trying to get in bathroom when you’re using it
20. Stalling your car at traffic lights
21. Running for public transport and it pulling away
22. Being honked at by a car
23. Making an error on the self-checkout
24. Treading in dog muck
25. Wearing odd socks
26. Being ID’d
27. Having bits of food on your face
28. Locking yourself out of the house
29. Getting stuck in clothing while trying it on
30. Getting too drunk at a wedding
31. Forgetting important documents
32. Having lipstick on your teeth
33. Dropping a drink in a pub
34. Treading on someone else’s shoes
35. Accidentally ‘liking’ someone’s Facebook picture you fancy/shouldn’t have looked at
36. Snoring on train
37. Putting clothes on inside out/upside down
38. Walking into lamppost
39. Accidentally calling someone mum/dad
40. Falling off a bike
41. Dribbling while sleeping on train
42. Seeing ink marks on your face
43. Leaving blobs of shaving foam on your face
44. Mum kissing you goodbye in public
45. Getting stuck in revolving doors
46. Accidentally cc’ing someone in an email about them
47. Shared something on social media that was meant to be a private message
48. Socks being tucked into your trousers
49. Accidentally sent a revealing picture to the wrong person
50. Having your towel stolen or taken while showering

Some of the ways listed are pretty tame, so we asked the Rock-A-Holics to finish this sentence… “The last time I REALLY embarrassed myself I did _____.” Here are the texts we got:

I was at a book store. And i thought it was gonna be a silent fart... It was definitely the opposite

I knew a guy who blew a job interview because he forgot the interviewers name. It was his dream job as a pilot at United Airlines

My name menace, I walked up to a lady n thought it was my wife, but it happen to be someone else

Embarrasing moment: drunk, had to go #2, used friend's bathroom, sat down, did my business, realized I forgot to pull down my pants when I was wiping denim. -steven in tacoma

I flipped my Miata 10 hours after I bought it and ended up in the hospital.

The last time I embarrassed myself, forgot girlfriends name after 2 weeks, while introducing her to my friends, still with her today she hasn't forgiven me Matt in sequim

I called my girl friend's mom by my x's name wen she started bitching. Lol

Maybe sinking my boat in the middle of the Skagit river.

Today's video blog stems from something that happened on air after Beat The Producer on Friday morning. It's BJ's tribute to Star Trek, oddly on the 46th Anniversary of the show...something we didn't know at the time this was recorded.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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09/10/2012 8:51AM
STP's BLOG 09/10/12 "Hawks, Zombies, and Lightsabers!"
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