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STP's BLOG 09/10/13 "Miley's New Video"

So Miley Cyrus has a new video out…full disclosure, I have not listened to the song…I have only watched it in studio where we don’t have a speaker on my computer…so based on the video alone, it’s awesome.  However, I have a feeling that if you add music it will take it down a notch or two.

Another video that just came out, that is awesome both because of the music, and because of the video is the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video for “White Walls” – this video is yet another masterpiece by these fellas, and the Sir Mix A lot cameo rules!

So it’s that time of the year again…originally I was 100% opposed to going down this road again, but based on some emails and tweets…I’ve decided to give it another shot…. We, the STP CAST,  are once again up for best podcast for King 5’s Best of Western Washington… I went on the site yesterday and we were already at #2, so that also inspired me to once again shoot for #1.  You can vote here:

Please spread the word, and tell your friends…this is our year douches!

So in Washington DC they are proposing a law where you will need to wait 24 hours before getting a tattoo…they are doing this to avoid having people getting impulse tattoos.  Ok, this is stupid…do we really need laws to protect stupid people? 
Vicky shared a story of a tattoo she regretted getting a little over a year ago.  She was dating a guy that had a cow tattoo, so she got a matching one…only for them to break up 7 or 8 months later…here is the tattoo…and here is what covered it up eventually:
 photo tat_zps6ee72f7f.jpg
Based on all of this…what was an impulse decision you made that you wish you didn’t?  Here are the texts we got:
They should have a 24 hour waiting period on one night stands. I had sex with this weird gal that stalked me for almost a year after, what a nightmare she was.
I regretted having sex with my best friends little sister. She was the baby of the family and had the older brother two if which were pro body builders.
My biggest impulse that I regret is buying a motorcycle. I needed transportation and instead of getting a car I got a bike, cheap gas, fast, and cool. I had it a total of 3 weeks when I dumped it causeing me to have emergency shoulder replacement surgery. I lost my job and now have a permanently disabled right arm. Good thing I'm left handed.
Cutting my hair short a while back. Been a long haired ginger for years, and cutting it up to my shoulders got me labeled Shirley Temple until I was able to start growing it back out. Took 7 years to get it past the middle of my back.
I wish I had never gotten married the first time. That was one very long and expensive mistake, all because I was thinking with the wrong head!
I got two "straight edge" (which is sort of a sub culture of sober punks) tattoos when I was 17, well now I don't listen to punk music and I smoke weed and drink beer everyday. Huge tattoo that says straight edge on my back haha

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09/10/2013 8:13AM
STP's BLOG 09/10/13 "Miley's New Video"
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