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STP's BLOG 09/11/13 "Amazing 9/11 Pic"

Today is September 11th… my thoughts and prayers are with all my friends and family and everyone else affected by what happened back in 2001.  This morning BJ tweeted a picture that stopped me in my tracks.  I actually saved this pic and put it in my phone…here it is:
 photo E5ADFE4A-24AE-4F58-B11B-A12C6CC9116C-30285-000013DE7A1A78F9_zpsd6c0fe56.jpg
A recent poll from The asked if you still wear jewelry you received from an ex…Here are some of the results:

56% of people say it's fine to wear jewelry an ex gave you, as long as it's not an engagement ring.

28% say that if the jewelry is romantic-looking, it would be weird to wear it when you are no longer with the giver.

9% say that it's not right to wear jewelry a former boyfriend gave you.  

5% say that you really should have given the stuff back to him when you broke up.
Over half of people surveyed say that it’s fine to wear jewelry an ex gave you... Based on this…do you still own something from an EX? Or…is there something you gave an EX that you wish they would give back? Here are some of the texts we got:
My ex is an amazing artist and I have one of her paintings hanging on my wall above my bed cause it was painted for me representing how our relationship went but my current gf doesn't know it was my ex that painted it!!!! Holla bitches Asseyes from Enumclaw....
I wish my ex would give me the wedding ring back...
I want my Keurig coffee maker, the huge book of DVDs I acquired while deployed, and a really nice and expensive foot and calf massager back. Mostly just on principle.
Hey guys its Micah from Everett I wish my ex would give back my five finger death punch shirt my friend got me when they where on tour here in WA
I wish my ex would take back the herpes he gave me!
The friggin $4500 wedding ring that the bitch sold to the pawn shop Dennis Olympia
My ex girlfriend kept my spare motorcycle helmet even though she doesn't own a motorcycle
A bose home theater that my x's Dad gave to me, the wife has no idea...
I gave my ex a pic of me and my best friend kissing. He ended up being psychotic so we broke up. Saw this FREAK 3 years later and he pulled the pic from his wallet and gave it back to me! I couldnt believe it! That  psycho had that pic of me in his wallet for 3 years after we broke up. Creepy much?!
Gave my ex a performance shop special edition Smith and Wesson revolver. Tried to buy it back on several occasions, for more than I paid for it. No dice. :( -Jon in Kirkland.
My ex took my Led Zep. Album that I found out is worth thousands on thousands. He doesn't have a record player either, but I am never telling him its worth.

Speaking of Led Zep...On this week's STP-CAST we welcomed The Led Zeppelin Experience -- No Quarter, as they are playing at the Showare center on Thursday 9/19.  Here they are performing That's The Way.  Here is a link to the full podcast with them:
Get tickets at
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09/11/2013 8:20AM
STP's BLOG 09/11/13 "Amazing 9/11 Pic"
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