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STP's BLOG 09/12/13 "Jimmy Fallon and JT"

I’m really bummed that I haven’t been invited to be a part of this friendship…have you seen the stuff that Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake are doing?  It’s hilarious; I would totally be down with being the 3rd wheel in that posse.  I would be the Dwayne Wayne of the “What’s Happening” crew!  Check out this fun clip from Jimmy’s show with JT:

According to a new poll, 62% of men and 34% of women have gone through their partner's cell phone to see if they've been cheating.  Of the people who DO secretly go through text messages, 48% say they've actually FOUND something incriminating. Only 59% of women and 37% of men would actually CONFESS to snooping in order to confront the other person about what they found. 31% of people said that if they caught their significant other going through their cell phone, they'd seriously consider breaking up with them.
Based on this poll about people that go through their partners phone to see if they are cheating…have you ever “snooped”?  What did you find out?  Or…have you ever been busted because someone “snooped”? Here are some texts:
Snooped on my boyfriend, went through his phone and out he was sleeping with a tranny.

I snooped my ex husbands phone that's why he's now my ex husband he was cheating on me and I found a message to the whore

Didn't have to snoop my ex girlfriend pockect called me and left a voicemail when she was hooking up with another person..

I snooped and found out my boyfriend at the time was sending videos of him enjoying himself to my best friend and she was sending them to him as well of her. Needless to say I packed the house while he was at work one day and never looked back.

I snoop outside Vicki's house daily... We have the same loofa!

I was pretending to sleep on my ex's shoulder & he started to txt another girl. I read their whole dirty conversation & confronted him.

I snooped in my bfs phone and found out he had a second gf for the two years that we'd been dating. Although it's hard to forget, we're working through it and still together

Snooped through my girls phone and found out she was doin Meth, the neighbor, the other neighbor, and doin it all in my truck.-James auburn

Snooped through my fiance's / baby mamma phone. Found out she was selling herself on backpage and Craigslist and her best friend's boyfriend was her pimp.

Today's Video Blog features the first part of our chat with Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction.  In this clip we talk about his show "Ink Master", Scientology, and Alice In Chains.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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09/12/2013 7:54AM
STP's BLOG 09/12/13 "Jimmy Fallon and JT"
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