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STP's BLOG 09/13/12 "Broadcast Excellence"

This is hilarious...Mike Francesca is a radio guy in New York…I remember growing up listening to Mike & The Mad Dog on WFAN. Well his radio show is also broadcasted on TV, and while doing an interview he fell ASLEEP! This is so funny on so many levels, and as a guy that has nodded off in the wrong place at the wrong time, I appreciate seeing this. The best part is that if you were listening on the radio, you would have no idea…but if you watched it on TV, you would see him fall asleep at around :06...and then wakes up at around :54...the look on his face is priceless!!!

He’s not the only broadcaster caught on TV doing something he shouldn’t do… Al Roker was doing the intro for local weather forecasts, when they're supposed to cut away to the local affiliate. But for some reason, the affiliate in New York didn't run their video. So it cut to a national weather map, and Al's audio was still live, and Al had no idea. Here is the audio.....

This confirms by belief that Al Roker is one cool dude!

ALISON PILL from the HBO drama "The Newsroom" accidentally Tweeted a topless photo of herself. She quickly deleted it and apologized . . . saying, quote, "My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet." Here is the picture:

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But the photo is kicking around the web for all to see. Alison is engaged to actor JAY BARUCHEL. We didn’t want to make her feel alone on this accidental island, so we tweeted her this:

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Hot Kyle tweeted that pic to both Alison, and her fiance Jay... and Jay responded!

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So, Alison Pill accidentally tweeted a nude photo of herself…what about you? Whether it be a tweet, a text, an email, or anything else…when did you or someone else send something to the wrong person? Here are some of the texts we got:

I almost had a heart attack when I looked at my phone to see that I was one button away from accidentally sending a porn link that i somehow copied to my clipboard to everyone in my local branch, including the CFO, about 75 people. Thank god I noticed. -the DV

Sometimes I text pictures of my junk to random phone numbers - murda bird

I emailed a picture of my junk to my grandmother on accident! It was meant for my girlfriend! She replied.. Hasn't changed since you were a baby

Apparently The Newsroom is doing a storyline about women and media going awry. And now she 'happens' to tweet out a topless pic? #planned –Bjorn

I sent a picture of myself to my girlfriend before our homecoming game but instead sent it to my mom and thats when she figured out we were having sex

Omg a couple of years ago my phone was all messed up. I was sending a picture of a ton of quarters to my brother and he didn't get a picture of quarters. He got a nude photo of his sister. I was mortified!!!! Mrs. Red

My ex boyfriend sent me a random dirty message... unfortunately for him it wasn't ment for me.
One time I accidently sent a dirty email to everyone in my contacts. Parents, younger siblings and teachers included

I tried to send a explicit dirty message to my boyfriend, telling him I wanted go leave scratches on his back among many other things. - sent it to my mom instead.

I had saved a pic of my girl showing off her new lingerie in the dressing room.....unfortunately with the new MS Live Meeting downloads all your photos and projects them on the conference room display.....automatically. Needless to say she is very popular now....

I was showing my best friend pictures of this hot chick that I was with the night before and in order to get to them he saw 1 of me holding my junk

A guy called in this morning and said he voted for the STP-CAST for best podcast in KING 5’s Best Of Western Washington…how crazy is this, we are currently #1! You too can vote, and please do, as it’s just a matter of time before we fall in the rankings!

During our game, “Whose iPOD Is It Anyway?”, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was played (It was the Rev’s iPOD)…which immediately made all of us think of this classic video of BJ dancing:

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KIM KARDASHIAN reportedly gave up botox six months ago because of KANYE WEST. As you may recall, Kanye's mother died of heart disease after undergoing cosmetic surgery in 2007 . . . so he's not a fan. A source says, "She realized she's still young enough that she doesn't need it. Now that she's spending more time with Kanye, Kim realizes she got caught up in a very Hollywood approach to beauty."

This led to a fun topic…What did you make your significant other give up? What did they make you give up? Or what do you wish they would give up? Here are the texts:

I wish my gf would stop buying fish we have 50 fish

My wife made me give up smoking pot .from mike in Tacoma

She wants me to give up chewing tabacco and playing on xbox live call of duty black ops she says I take it to seriously lol. Christian

My ex told me I have to give up watching sports on TV if we got married, because it's a waste of time. We were together f or almost two years by then. We broke up next week. -the DV

I made her give up stripping. 22 years ago.

I gave up drinking. I have 280 days of sobriety! Love the show!

This is randy from olalla. And I would love my girlfriend to give up horses. We have 3 and it always ends up in work for me and I'm fed up.

Today's Video Blog features Ralphie May...Ralphie May is at The Moore Theater on Saturday night (9/15/12). Get tix at

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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STP's BLOG 09/13/12 "Broadcast Excellence"
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