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STP's BLOG 09/17/12 "Hell Run"

What a weekend! Probably one of the busiest weekends I have had in a while…and I am hurting for it. Lets review:

Saturday morning my wife, my brother, and I all jumped in the Jeep and drove to Carnation to take part in Hell Run 2012! What an amazing experience…all of us were hesitant, and nervous, because we didn’t know what to expect. We knew thewre would be mud, there would be fire, there would be obstacles, and that Tone-Loc would be there. All of that rang true, but what we also got was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of our lives. It’s a 5K run, but throughout the run you are climbing walls…crawling in mud….running in thigh high cold water…and more. Be sure to check out my video at the bottom of this blog to see what I saw during the Hell Run. I can’t wait for next year, this will be a yearly tradition in the STP household. This sums it up best…check us out before:

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Here we are after:

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Yes, we are wearing capes! Get info on Hell Run at

After Hell Run, we went home…took a power nap, and then headed to Fife for “Dream Fest” at Louie G’s. What is “Dream Fest” – well Louie G. apparently always had a dream to put on a massive show…so even though he has great shows at his Pizza place (awesome Pizza by the way) inside his place, he decided to turn his parking lot into a giant outdoor venue. He had a giant stage set up with an amazing sound system, great light rig, and the always important fog machine and strobe light…and booked some great bands like Witchburn, Klover Jane, Amadon, and the worlds worst cover band…KISW’s The New Originals. What a fun show…Witchburn were unbelievable, they sounded so great live:

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I was so happy to finally see Klover Jane live…

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I love their songs, and it was awesome to see them rock on stage, and it was great to see my buddy Dean rock on the drums…

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Plus I got a great shot of his brother Jeff mugging it up for the camera….

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Thanks to Dean for letting me use his drums as well for the New Originals set…

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One of the highlights of our set for me was that we got to jam with Jamie & Mischa from Witchburn for a cover of “You Shook Me” by AC/DC

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Finally, I have to say this…on Saturday I got to meet Louie G. for the first time. What an incredibly positive and passionate guy. You can tell he is doing this (booking bands and putting on shows) for all the right reasons…he is not driven by dollar signs, but by his passion for local music.  Louie was front row throughout the day and night, singing along to many of these bands songs. A true quality individual…all the great things I have heard in the past from others about Louie was confirmed with my experience with him. Way to be Louie G!

Sunday not only did I get to enjoy a Hawks victory, but my homie Tony F’ing Mitchell inflicted some serious pain on my arm…doing some touch ups on my sleeve. Man I love his art…and his shop is killer. If you are able to go to Port Orchard, check his shop out…

I saw this picture online…looks like the Hawks are doing something I’ve seen teams like the Boston Bruins do, and I love when they do it....the Hawks have the Hawks Nest show off their 12th Man Pride:

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And what a great game for the 12th Man…defence was awesome…special teams made some magic happen right at the start…Russell Mania ran wild with how he managed the game…and Beast Mode was in full effect, as the Hawks beat the Cowboys, 27-7. The big talk was this great block by Golden Tate on LB Sean Lee …he knocked him so hard he “de-cleated” him. Damn!!!!

Speaking of Football…The NFL has been using replacement referees this season, because the league locked out the regular refs in a labor dispute over their new contract. Yesterday, the NFL had to replace one of the replacements. Brian Stropolo was scheduled to work as the side judge for the New Orleans Saints game against the Carolina Panthers. But someone happened to look at Brian's Facebook page . . . and saw he had photos of himself in Saints gear and tailgating at one of their preseason games just LAST MONTH. Some of his Facebook friends had even commented about how surprised they were that the league was going to let him work the Saints game due to his Saints loyalty. (He's since deleted his Facebook page.) So yesterday morning, the NFL REMOVED Brian from the game, and replaced him with an alternate official.

Based on the fact that the NFL had to remove a replacement referee at the Saints game because he is huge Saints fan… It could be a sports team, a brand, or anything else… what are you loyal to? Here are the texts we received:


The Cowboys!!!!

All Finel fantacy video games. I always get them Even if I know its gonna be bad

Raiders,sounders, STPCAST, chicken head militia. RED

Im loyal to the bj shay show i even listen to all the Damn reruns. Your friendly taco time maintenance guy nick

I drink hornitos everyday I even have their barcode tatooed on my arm

Super loyal to the Sounders. My family has been attending their games since 74. I left Saturday morning at 5:00am to go support at Portland. Trip took 12 hours

Born and raised on ford trucks will die a ford truck guy and seahawks and the wsu cougars

Raaaaainiiiiier beer bitches!!!!!!!!!!

I am super loyal to monster energy drink. I have a collection of cans and tabs of over 500 all cans being empty of course because i am addicted to the flavor. From jessica in Everett

Hello from Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I am completely loyal to the U.S. Army and have been for last 15 years with three deployments to Iraq and one to Afg

I'm loyal to my tattoo artist. Tony f'n Mitchell. Haven't had a tat done in awhile cuz I can't make it to him

I'm loyal to the Bat! Two Batman tattoos. Every episode and movie of all things batman and an extensive comic collection.

Pitbulls. Believe in them and fight for their lives til the rep is changed

So we wound up talking about my experience doing the Hell Run on air, and it led to a fun topic…being that I did something out of my “comfort zone”, what about you? When did you do something out of your “comfort zone” – what was it, and were you glad you did it? Here are the texts we received:

I'm a chick, got my nipples pierced... A little scary but now i love them haha

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane

I took a mixed martial arts fight on short notice. I've always been a fan but never trained for it. I lasted about 10 seconds.

Jumped off the stratospehere in Las Vegas. Now I'm planning on sky diving.

I took a gun class yesterday was nervous about guns... I loved it so much I'm now a member of the gun club. Can't wait to go shooting all the time

Me and my friend wore rainbow pasties to gay pride, walked around half naked in Seattle all day! Everyone wanted pictures with us and were still concerned we're gonna show up on google xD Keep rockin guys! Nikki

Joan from tacoma. went up in a helicopter. thought i would puke-​so glad i went up though. it was awesome!

I deathly terrified of heights and in June I went parasailing.... I loved it... and even went on the big shot at the Puyallup fair last weekend... I'm loving the rush #chris

I joined the military and did a halo jump high altitude low opening from 35,000 feet.

Today's video blog features my experience running the Hell Run this past weekend in Carnation. Hell Run is a mud crawling, obstacle conquering, beer drinking 5K run...Fire...Beer...Mud...Hell Run!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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09/17/2012 7:42AM
STP's BLOG 09/17/12 "Hell Run"
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