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STP's BLOG 09/19/12 "Passionate Sports Fan"

Have you seen that John Shango video...the one where he loses his mind on his Cowboys for losing 27-7 to our Seahawks? It's epic...I love his passion! Check it out here (NSFW):

John isn't the only passionate sports fan...I feel the same way about our WNBA team, The Seattle Storm!

According to a new survey, moms REALLY aren't happy. 47% of working moms say they'd be happier if they were home with their child . . . and 70% feel pressure to work to help support the family. 36% resent their husband for not making more money. Meanwhile, 38% of stay-at-home moms feel guilty about not working . . . and 13% regret giving up their career. And 15% resent their husband.

So we had to ask…do you resent your spouse? Why? What do you hate about them...what do you love? Here are some of the texts we got:

I hate that he goes to Seahawk signings every Tuesdays and spends tons of money on picttures and items for them to sign, when we have a 3 year old to take care of. And he barley pays his half of the bills :p

My 13 year relationship just ended because he was upset that I got laid off 2 yearsago i have 5 kids ages 18 to 3 and im back trying to get a job

I resent my spouse for having crappy credit because her ex husband

I resent my spouse for wanting me to do 100% of the providing and then come home to do housework/help with the kids until i sleep. I work graveyard so all this is twice as tough

She's the cheating whore. Other than that she's okay.

I hate the fact that the majority of my wifes friends are males

I love my bf he takes care of my daughter as she is his own and he makes sure to take over certain things to give me a break cause he knows if I'm less stressed the happier I am and more pleasant to be around, like he works graveyard and his nights off he knows he's gonna be up so he takes baby duty and deals with her instead I me having to wake up I live him and appreciate the hell out of him shout out to jeffro!!

My wife resents me because I only make $24 an hr. She makes $49 hr at Boeing. My kids resent me because I'm not their real dad but I just try to make the best of it

ABC News and People Magazine just did a survey to find out people's opinions on the greatest TV shows of all time. Barbara Walters announced the results on "20/20" last night. Number one was "I Love Lucy". Number two on the list was "M.A.S.H." Coming in at number three is "Seinfeld". The number four spot went to "All in the Family". Number five on the list was "Cheers".
Based on the list of the 5 greatest TV shows of all time…All of these shows are no longer on TV, which got us thinking… what show were you sad to see go? What show do you wish was still on TV? Here are the texts we got:


Favorite show that should still be on: Firefly

Married with Children!!

Lie to me, best show ever

I was upset when Northern Exposure ended. Really twisted writers, but funny as hell.

I want "That 70's Show" back.

Hey guys. I miss WCW Monday Nitro.

HBO's Entourage, Fresh Price of Bel-Air

Sad to see the JJ Abrams show "Alias" end. -Michael (in Seattle)

Gilligan's Island. I'm sure my kids would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Lost was the greatest show of all time


Arrested development. A hilarious show, and wish it would come back and finish it. I heard they might do a movie... We can only hope. -Blake in kent

I miss Jack Bauer and 24!!! Oh and the chick that played his daughter, whats her boobs... Heh heh. One Hit Wonder Wade

Almost live, we had one of the best local skit shows ever

Stargate universe, but it's okay because it hooked me on sg-Atlantis, sg-1, battlestar, caprica. Watched all episodes of every series.

ENTOURAGE, awesome show. Can't wait for the movie. From Seth in gig harbor

I was bummed when cheers ended.

The Shield! One of my all time favorite series. Very sad they ended it

Dog the bounty hunter. I don't know why but loved that show RED

Today’s Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern The Prodigy has 60 seconds to find someone to speak a foreign language to him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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09/19/2012 8:38AM
STP's BLOG 09/19/12 "Passionate Sports Fan"
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