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STP's BLOG 09/24/12 "Fatherly Advice"

Before I get to anything…this is for Thee Ted Smith, as I know he loves himself a good puppy pic…check out Lulu, enjoying the sun:

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Over the weekend, Toppy, Vicky, and I all went to the Uproar Festival…what an awesome show. Godsmack never disappoint, and Shinedown were AWESOME!

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Tonight the Hawks hosting the Green Bay Packers for Monday Night Football, and this isn’t the only way our rookie quarterback is getting national attention. Russell Wilson is also the newest face for Levi’s Jeans. You might have seen his commercial, where he lists all of the great advice his late father gave him. Here is the commercial...

Russell Wilson shares some of the awesome advice his late father shared in this commercial...based on this…what is the best advice your parent gave you? What’s the worst? Here are the texts we got:

my daddy always told me its not illegal if you don't get caught!

My father always taught me: honor, truth, and responsibilty. It has always served me well.
Don't eat the yellow snow pops always told me

Every girl looks the same when your face is in the pillow

My dad taught me to always tell the truth and let the chips fall where they fall. I've always takin it to heart and tried to live my life that way.

Best advice.."remember son, a stiff pecker bares no conscience"

Only mix clear liquid with your alcohol...he told me this as I was puking rum and coke at age 16. Stephanie from Tacoma

My late father told me, "marriage isn't easy, but if money is all you have to fight about, you've got it good. Because you can't take it with you"

My father always told me, "Almost doesn't count" and I have applied this to my entire life and even got it tattooed on my forearm. The Duke

Don't get high off your own supply

Sex is grate but hurpies are 4 life

My dad always said: You are who you associate with

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong is "seeking treatment for substance abuse" after throwing a profanity-filled tantrum at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday. According to reports, Green Day's set was almost cut in half, from about 45 minutes to 25 minutes, after earlier sets by Usher and Rihanna were allowed to go long. Billie Joe stopped their performance in the middle of the song "Basket Case" when he noticed that a monitor in the venue was warning them that they only had one minute remaining. Here is the audio:

There's no word what "substance" he was abusing, but the band is postponing some of the appearances they had lined up to promote their new album, "Uno!", which comes out tomorrow.

So Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day had a huge meltdown on stage when his bands set was cut short…based on this, when did you or someone you know have a huge meltdown? Here are the texts we received:

Some crazy chick lost it and attacked my wife at upraoar on Saturday.. Check out YouTube "fight at uproar concert auburn Washington 2012"... I'm da bald guy in pulling the crazy chick off my wife: here is the link:

I was a fan of green day until i met billie joe backstage at warped tour. He was a complete d'bag! So this doesnt surprise me.

When I was 20, I got angry while drunk and kicked a hole in a door in my apartment. Im a very quiet calm girl and it freaked me out- and I was limping for a week

Today's Video features me doing yet another animal impression....On Friday we were talking about the Puyallup Fair, and I mentioned how funny the goats were...which led to this impression...

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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09/24/2012 7:46AM
STP's BLOG 09/24/12 "Fatherly Advice"
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09/24/2012 12:49PM
Billie Joe freaks out
I have seen plenty of people have a meltdown, including band members on stage.One really famous brat singer lose it on audience member twice. Other famous band so trashed, couldn't understand what the singer was saying. I have seen Green Day more than any other band, while I have seen them onstage after a few (alot) of cokctails, (only a few times in 20 years) I have never seen Billie like that. Obviously there is something more going on. I have met him...nicest, down to earth guy you could meet. Wish him all the best.
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