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STP's BLOG 09/26/12 "Titanic D...."

As you know…I’ve been asking all the STP-CAST-A-MANIACS to say their payers, take their vitamins, and vote for our podcast in the KING 5 Best Of Western Washington thing they do yearly. Last year we came in #4 (and had a Laser Tag party to celebrate), and this year we said that if we finish at #1, we will “punish” all the listeners (and ourselves) with a 5 hour podcast! If you listen to our podcast we have sung the good word of a very popular podcast TBTL (Too Beautiful To Live) with Luke Burbank…saying that it’s just a matter of time that they take the lead and win as they have a great show, but how funny would it be if we beat them (as well as all the other great podcasts)…so this morning, I get a message from Mark, and this is what Luke posted to his fans yesterday:


Titanic Douches? Marginal douche…yes, but Titanic? Must you lump us in with a movie I choose to never watch? This cracks me up…I guess we are the inspiration for him to save the Best podcast award from going to some douches…Titanic Douches! Well…I say Vote Douche! That would make our win even more ridiculous. Vote here:


Last year, Rebecca Gibbs of New Zealand and her husband, Stephen Page, ended their marriage after four years. Since then, Rebecca says he's been trying to get her back while she's been trying to get closure. Well it looks like she GOT that closure. Because a couple weeks ago, she launched her wedding ring into SPACE on a small rocket. Her new boyfriend's brother is a rocket scientist, which is how she was able to pull that off. It's doubtful they could've built a small rocket that would make it through the atmosphere. So the ring is probably NOT floating in space, it's probably in the Pacific Ocean. Rebecca says, quote, "I just thought that was awesome and it was a really liberating experience for me . . . it was also for [Stephen] to let him know it was completely over."

Based on the story of a woman that got closure on her divorce by launching her wedding ring into space…how did you celebrate your divorce or breakup? Here are the texts we got:

I celebrated my divorce by buying a brand new truck AND and brand new Harley Davidson

A fifth of Jameson that night, went surfing the next morning, couldn't remember the bitches name

I banged her 2 best friends hahaha stupid Bitch.

I pawned my wedding ring for forty bucks and went to the liqour store. -listening from raleigh, you guys rock!

Took my wedding ring on the ferry. Tied it to a weight and tossed it in the middle of the sound. Then went in a 2 day Bender of booze and strippers with friends. Cajun

To get back at my exgf I reset the high scores on her favorite video game machine when I worked at an arcade. She want not happy

My divorce hearing was on Halloween. Afterwards, I went n got a new tattoo then dressed up n went to every Halloween party in town with my friends. We partied

Today's Video Blog is something put together by our former intern Daron...he filmed us at Rock Out Hunger, and made this...

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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09/26/2012 8:55AM
STP's BLOG 09/26/12 "Titanic D...."
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09/26/2012 12:17PM
That titanic douche can eat our dust! Because the rockaholics have big muscles and like to pound little twirps like those hipsters. The STPamaniacs have been taking their vitamins and pissing strong! AVENGE THIS BURBANK!
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